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What Is A Good Size For A Soaking Tub? (Soaking Tub Dimensions)

What Is A Good Size For A Soaking Tub? (Soaking Tub Dimensions)

A soaking tub is a popular choice when upgrading your bathroom. But to succeed, you must find a good size with the correct dimensions. 

Buying a tub too large will cause a cluttered feeling in the bathroom, while a smaller tub will provide a poor experience.

It is best to consider the steps needed to find the right-sized soaking tub to spend your money well. 

Typical dimensions for a soaking tub are 62-72 inches in length, 14 inches in depth, and about 44 inches in width. A good-sized soaking tub should be a foot away from the wall and not clog up the bathroom area.

If you have the space and budget, you can go even longer, up to 90 inches long and 17 inches deep.  

Soaking tubs come in different sizes, depending on how large your individual needs are.

Some people like to use small soaking tubs for a quick soak in the morning or evening before bed, while others prefer to use large ones for a luxury experience.

This guide helps you find the proper soaking tub size and dimensions for your home. 

We have experience modifying bathrooms and installing soaking tubs, so understanding the dimensions is necessary.

The key is to aim for a comfortable fit by following a strict set of rules that work. 

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with a luxurious soaking tub. Learn about the different styles and features in my comprehensive guide on “What Is A Soaking Tub“.

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What Is A Good Size For A Soaking Tub?

The space in your bathroom determines the size of the soaking tub that can fit.

You can choose a more oversized soaking tub if you have a large bathroom. 

However, the type of usage you want from the tub also matters. This includes bathing style and your body size.

If you want an experience that will last longer, a larger soak tub might be more suitable for your needs. It is best to look at some dimensions to learn what works best. 

A good size soaking tub is 62 to 72 inches in length with at least 14 inches in depth. However, more depth is better for most homeowners. 

We recommend aiming for 17 inches in depth, 66 inches in length, and 44 inches wide for the perfect-sized soaking tub.

But you should always base this on your bathroom size too. 

For example, larger bathrooms would have no issues accommodating an 80- or 90-inch soaking tub. This would provide much more luxury to your home too. 

What Is The Ideal Depth For A Soaking Tub?

The ideal depth for a soaking tub varies depending on height and weight. The depth of the tub is measured from the highest point of the water to the lowest point.

The depth of a soaking tub is an essential factor that affects the comfort of the bath. The tub should be deep enough so that the water can cover your whole body while you’re sitting.

The ideal depth for a soaking tub is between 14 and 17 inches, allowing at least 12 inches of water for your bath. 

Shallow baths can be uncomfortable because they are not deep enough to immerse your whole body in water.

It is best to have a tub with more depth rather than only focusing on the tub length. 

How Much Space Do You Need To Fit A Soaking Tub?

Many factors need to be considered when you are installing a soaking tub.

You will need to know the size of the tub, how much space you have in your home, and the type of flooring you have.

You should first take measurements of the bathroom before choosing a tub size. Measure the area you want to place the tub from wall to wall.

Once you have these measurements, you should subtract 12 inches from each side where the tub will be facing.

This gives you enough space on each end for a freestanding soaking tub to fit comfortably. 

How to Choose a Soaking Tub Size for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right size for a soaking tub is not something that should be taken lightly. 

A soaking tub is a significant investment and essential for your bathroom. Your size should be based on the space you need and your budget.

Follow the steps below to ensure you get the proper soaking tub size to provide a better experience and an optimal bathroom fit. 

1. Measure Your Bathroom

Before even considering your tub size, head into your bathroom and take precise measurements to begin the planning phase. 

Get the total square footage of the bathroom and work from there. Eliminate 1 foot from the wall, too, if you plan to install a freestanding soaking tub.  

2. Choose A Tub Material

You should then decide on the material you want to use. You can choose from various materials, including acrylic, fiberglass, and cast iron.

The materials you choose for your soaking tub will depend on your budget and personal preferences.

3. Get Pricing Estimates

After this, you can start getting pricing estimates on the soaking tub size and style you want.

It is essential to try and remain within your budget for home projects. Minor details can quickly cause the prices to skyrocket. 

4. Identity The Purpose Of The Soaking Tub

The purpose of a soaking tub is to provide a place where people can relax and enjoy the sensation of being in the water.

But what are your intentions? 

For example, what bathroom is this tub going in? A tub for the family or a private tub in the master bathroom will have different requirements. 

5. Choose The Tub Dimensions

Now that you have all the information, you can choose the best tub size for your home. 

Don’t forget to consider bathroom measurements, tub usage, and your budget. 

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How Far Should A Soaking Tub Be From The Wall?

The distance from the wall of a soaking tub should be no less than one foot.

This is a standard rule of thumb for any freestanding soaking tub because it has all four sides open. 

The depth of the tub can also determine the distance between the wall and the tub. However, not all soaking tub styles need to be moved from the wall. 

Many drop-in soaking tubs are connected to the wall because they provide a better aesthetic look and are required for plumbing reasons. 

However, we recommend leaving between 12-18 inches of space between the wall and any freestanding soaking tub design in your bathroom. 

How Does Soaking Tub Size Impact The Cost? 

The cost of a soaking tub is determined by factors such as size and materials used to construct the tub.

The tub’s shape also affects the price because it determines how much clean water can be held inside it at any given time.

You could spend as little as $500 or over $10,000 on your soaking tub. 

While size alone won’t cause the price to rise this high, it plays a significant role when calculating costs. 

If you install a standard soaking tub around 55 inches long, it will cost between $750 and $2,000. This ranges based on the tub material and labor costs.

However, if you decided to go much larger, closer to 90 inches in length, with over 17 inches in depth, the tub price would be well over $5,000. 

Summing Up What a Good Size is For a Soaking Tub

The best size to invest in for a good size soaking tub is 62-72 inches in length, 14 inches in depth, and about 44 inches in width.

This will allow you to immerse yourself into the soaking tub fully, while also accounting for the space of your bathroom and other factors as well. You can go even bigger if you have the space – and the budget – to account for it.

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