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What Is a Gusseted Pillow?

What Is a Gusseted Pillow?

Many people talk about gusseted pillows and how they improved their sleep. But just what is a gusseted pillow?

Gusseted pillows are thick pillows with extra fabric for head and neck support. Many people find them significantly more comfortable than regular pillows, and they only cost a little more. 

Many people find that regular pillows are too flat after switching to a gusseted pillow. It’s also great for back pain.

What Is a Gusseted Pillow?

Gusseted pillows are better for your head and neck than body pillows. Body pillows are for cushioning your body, gusseted pillows are for cushioning your head and neck. 

A lot of people use regular pillows under their heads and necks while they sleep. This is ok for some people, but you may be surprised by how comfortable gusseted pillows are.

If you try a gusseted pillow, you might get significantly better sleep. 

How Are Gusseted Pillows Different?

A gusseted pillow is a normal pillow that is larger than a regular pillow. The gusseted pillow has a gusset, which is some extra material that expands the pillow vertically. This increases support for your head and neck. 

A gusseted pillow has extra cloth padding. This makes the pillow more three-dimensional and less flat than a regular pillow. 

One Gusseted Pillow is Enough

With gusseted pillows, you won’t have to stack two pillows on top of each other. Normal pillows are too flat and not substantial enough to give your head and neck the support it needs. 

This makes many people stack two pillows on top of each other. Even two pillows sometimes aren’t enough support. However, a single gusseted pillow is good enough to support your head and neck. 

Advantages of Gusseted Pillows

Gusseted pillows have many advantages. For some people, gusseted pillows merely feel more comfortable. For others, gusseted pillows can treat health problems. 

Better Sleep

Gusseted pillows can improve your sleep quality. At best, your sleep problems will go away completely as soon as you get a gusseted pillow. Results are not always that dramatic, but you will probably notice an improvement. 

Reduced Neck Pain

Reduced Neck Pain

Normal pillows are flat, and they get flatter over time. You can get neck pain from a lack of support while you sleep. Gusseted pillows offer a lot more support. 

Reduced Back Pain

When your head doesn’t have enough support, this puts strain on your back. Extra back strain can lead to chronic back pain, which a gusseted pillow can help you overcome. 

Great Regardless of the Sleeping Position

Not everyone sleeps on their back. Some people sleep on their stomach or their sides, other people change positions from one night to another. Regardless of the sleeping position, gusseted pillows are good for your head and neck. 

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Gusseted pillows are great products, but there are still some drawbacks. Gusseted pillows are more expensive, so they can be a waste of money for people who won't benefit from them.

However, gusseted pillows are not expensive. Their slightly higher price tag doesn’t matter. They are worth the money for anyone who benefits from them even a little. 

Too Thick for Some People

Not everyone will find a thicker pillow more comfortable. To some people, a thick pillow with lots of stuffing is less comfortable than a thinner and flatter one. 

Some people would rather sleep with pillows that flatten easily under their heads. If you aren’t sure, try a gusseted pillow and you will likely prefer it. 

Gusseted Pillows Don’t Always Last as Long

If you get a gusseted pillow, you might find that it loses its shape fairly quickly and has to be replaced. Normal pillows easily last for years, a gusseted pillow has a more structured shape that will change.

Some people don’t mind the change in shape and will keep a gusseted pillow for many years. However, other people don’t like the change in shape and will have to replace their pillows periodically. 

Sleep is Important

Sleep is underrated. While some people try cutting back on sleep so they have more time to do things, this is usually not a good idea. People work slowly if they are chronically sleep-deprived. 

People who don’t sleep properly may also be irritable, angry, depressed, or nervous. Improving your sleep quality will improve your overall health and energy levels. 

Sleep is necessary for brain detoxification. When you are awake, your brain activity produces small amounts of toxins. During sleep, your brain has the opportunity to clean the toxins out. 

Key Takeaways to Using Gusseted Pillows

Gusseted pillows are thicker or taller because they have extra fabric. Regular pillows are flatter and more 2-dimensional than gusseted pillows are. 

Gusseted pillows are not for everyone. The extra structure and thickness can be uncomfortable compared to flat regular pillows. However, I like gusseted pillows very much and know other people that also benefit from them. 

Gusseted pillows have real advantages. They can improve your sleep quality and reduce back and neck pain for many people. 

One gusseted pillow provides more support than two regular pillows. If you put two regular pillows under your head and neck, try a gusseted pillow instead. 

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