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Can You Flip a Pillowtop Mattress?

Can You Flip a Pillowtop Mattress?

One of the best ways to get a guaranteed good night’s sleep is to buy a pillowtop mattress, but is it okay to flip them like traditional spring mattresses?

You should not flip a pillowtop mattress. This can damage the top cushioned layer, which will add compression and rigidity to its structure, decreasing its comfort and lifespan.

Most pillowtop mattresses are not meant to be flipped, but you should check the instructions of your specific mattress to confirm this. 

What Is a Pillowtop Mattress?

Much like the name suggests, pillowtop mattresses are soft and “pillowy,” making them incredibly comfortable. 

Pillowtop mattresses feature a single layer that is usually made out of either foam or fiber. The top layer is sewn onto the mattress, creating a soft barrier between you and the mattress while you sleep.

Many people who experience back and joint pain like to use pillowtop mattresses because of their increased comfort. With that said, the plush feel of a pillowtop makes this type of mattress suitable for anyone looking to get a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Why You Should Not Flip a Pillowtop Mattress

The bottom line is you should not flip a pillowtop mattress because it’s bad for the form of the top layer. Some mattresses are designed specifically to be flipped, but that is not the case for virtually all pillowtop models. 

When you flip a pillowtop mattress, you strain the cushioned side of the mattress, which could damage it permanently. The support structure of the top layer is rather delicate, and compressing the entire cushion will ultimately make it less comfortable.

Companies that make quality pillowtops will rarely recommend that you flip their mattresses. Doing so will create stiffness, as well as unnatural valleys and grooves. If you want to make your mattress last as long as possible while continuing to enjoy the comfort of the pillowtop layer, avoid flipping at all costs.

Should You Rotate a Pillowtop Mattress?

You should rotate a pillowtop mattress. Unlike flipping, rotating a pillowtop is totally acceptable and often recommended, as this comes with a lot of benefits, including maintaining comfort and extending the lifespan of the mattress. 

Should You Rotate a Pillowtop Mattress

Given that the pillowtop is not flipped, the cushioned side of the pillowtop is not compressed or put under strain. Companies that make pillowtops suggest that you rotate the mattress every three months or seasonally. 

With that said, each pillowtop has a slightly different design, which is why you should check the instructions on the mattress to confirm how and when you should rotate. These are some of the benefits of rotating a pillowtop mattress. 

Increased Comfort 

If you buy a pillowtop mattress, chances are you are doing so because you value comfort while you sleep. Pillowtops are some of the comfiest mattresses on the market, but they can develop unnatural valleys and grooves over time as the mattress changes form based on your sleeping position.

Occasionally rotating the pillowtop mattress will keep it feeling comfortable for years. Once your body begins to create a mold in the mattress’s shape, this is the ideal time to rotate. 

Increased Lifespan 

Buying a new mattress can be pretty pricey, which is why it is best to take care of the one you already have to get as many years out of it as possible. 

One of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your pillowtop is to rotate it every three months or so. Not only does this increase the comfort of the mattress, but it can also add a few years to its lifespan. 

The top layer of the pillowtop gets damaged when you create grooves from your sleeping position. Rotating the mattress will minimize the impact these grooves have on the top layer, preventing unnecessary wear. 

Once the pillowtop starts getting old, I recommend rotating the mattress every month, as this will extend its lifespan.

How Long Can a Pillowtop Mattress Last? 

Pillowtops are known for having a shorter lifespan than most mattresses on the market. Their top layer will wear down considerably faster than other mattress types, with 4 to 6.5 years being the standard lifespan for most models.

A quality pillowtop mattress will last considerably longer than a cheap model. They are usually made with better materials and feature an overall superior design. On the other hand, a cheap pillowtop can be very short-lived; you may be lucky to get anywhere from 3 to 4 years from a poor-quality pillow top.

Types of Pillowtop Mattresses

The demand for pillowtops has increased over the years, and you can find a lot of options on the market that vary in price and design. One of the most important factors that you should consider when buying a pillowtop is the material of the top layers. 

These are the most common types of materials used with pillowtop mattresses: 

  • Cotton
  • Wool 
  • Memory Foam 
  • Fiberfill
  • Latex

Why Are Some Mattresses Meant to be Flipped?

Although you should not flip most pillowtops, doing so with other mattresses can actually be very beneficial. Flipping mattresses has been a great method for improving the lifespan of traditional mattresses such as innerspring models. 

This has a very similar effect to rotating, as you are essentially using a completely new side of the mattress. Combining rotating and flipping with the right mattress can double its lifespan and make it comfortable for years to come. 

Before you flip any mattress, you should confirm whether this is necessary by checking the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most modern mattresses, including innerspring models, do not need to be flipped unless specified in the instructions. 

Key Takeaways of Flipping Pillowtop Mattresses

You should not flip a pillowtop mattress, as this adds compression and rigidity to its structure. It will also make it less comfortable and decrease its lifespan.

Instead of flipping a pillowtop, rotating the mattress will benefit its structure, increasing comfort and lifespan.

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