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What Is a Steakburger?

What Is a Steakburger?

While many of us know what a normal burger is, just what is a steakburger? Have you been able to try one of these delectable burgers yet?

A steakburger is a burger where the patty itself is made by steak. There are many ways that a cook can make this steakburger just as delicious as a regular beef burger.

Although most chefs stick to the classics by adding lettuce, tomato, ketchup, onion, mustard, and most importantly, cheese!

So what makes this innovative burger so popular and scrumptious? To know more keep on reading!

The Steak ‘n Shake Steakburger: What Gives It Its Notoriety?

Steak ‘n Shake was a true innovator when it realised that hamburgers didn’t always have to be cooked with typical ground beef.

The business instead unveiled the steakburger, which is produced with actual, exquisite steak pieces that are flavorful and have a more soft feel than conventional burgers. 

Although the restaurant business is not the only entity to incorporate steakburgers in its cuisine, it was the first one to do so. 

Customers flocked to the steakburger, and other restaurants quickly followed suit. People have also attempted to replicate Steak ‘n Shake’s famed steakburger recipes at home.

What Kind of Steak Is a Steakburger Made of?

You might come across a restaurant that offers a large selection of beef burgers. Burgers made from lamb steak, ribeye steak, or sirloin steak are also incorporated into the menu. You’re probably wondering why there are so many choices.

Restaurants frequently make their steak-based burgers available in a variety of steak cuts, just like their steak offerings.

One of the major motivations behind why they do this is so that individuals from all incomes may still savor this kind of burger by selecting a less-priced cut. It also boils down to personal preferences, so it makes sense to have multiple cuts of steak available at restaurants.

Certain eateries serve lamb or pork steak burgers if you don’t particularly prefer beef steak. A beef steak is another popular option many people go for.

Chuck steak is an excellent option to try out a steak burger thanks to its perfect fat content to keep it juicy while also having a strong taste.

How Can You Make One at Home?

When such a great recipe is available in the market, many want to try it at home. There are many ways to elevate the flavor of a steakburger at home as well.

We strongly recommend marinating the beef with something, even if it is kosher salt. You can also use a steak seasoning to add extra flavor to each bite.

How can you make one at home?

Add your preferred seasoning to the bowl with ground meat. It is recommended that you blend the ingredients using your hands.

To amp up the flavor, add a splash of Worcestershire sauce or even beef broth. Then, using your hands, form the meat into patties. In general, one to one and a half pounds of ground beef can be used to produce four cakes. 

However, be careful to stay moderate or avoid having certain items with overcooked outer edges and undercooked within.

To maintain the juicy texture of the patties, loosely pack them and then go for the cook. To avoid making the patties too thick and to ensure that the centre cooks concurrently with the remainder of the burger, you can use your thumb to make a little mark in the centre.

You can simply combine your preferred seasonings in a plate and massage the paste through each piece of steak from top to bottom if you’re using whole, boneless steak slices as opposed to ground meat.

As everything is done now, we will move on to how to cook steak burgers that are flavorful and delicious. 

The Finest Methods for Making Steakburgers

You may now be wondering how beef burgers should be cooked. There are several methods to prepare these burgers to bring out their greatest flavors. Make sure to season your patties as required before attempting the following methods:


Since there isn’t much fat in beef burgers, grilling is a risk-free method of preparation if you want a smokier flavor. The ideal time for a burger to be cooked is two or three minutes on both sides.

Then, transfer them to the low-heat area of the grill for another two to six minutes to achieve the appropriate level of medium rare.


Your patties should be cooked in a 375°F oven on a nonstick baking tray for however long it needs for the meat to be thoroughly cooked.

You can also choose to fry your burgers in a skillet on the stove before baking them.


If you are using this method to cook your patties on a stove, it is recommended that you use a cast iron pan for this purpose. Cook for three minutes on each side, or until the food is cooked to your preference.

Final Words to Steakburgers

Given how good they are, it is not surprising that steak burgers are so well-known. Burgers made from steak have more taste and texture to them and are generally on the healthier side of the spectrum.

Using the techniques described above, you can also create a delectable steak burger. After all, eating makes us happy, and steak burgers make us even more comfortable.

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