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What Is a Sizzle Steak?

What Is a Sizzle Steak?

There are many different cuts of steak out there, which means it can be confusing to keep up sometimes. However, sizzle steaks have been growing in popularity recently, but just what are they?

A sizzle steak is a thinly cut slice of beef that are cut from the round section of the steak. Generally, they are also seared at high heat for short periods of time on both sides.

It cooks up quickly, has a crunchy outside and a somewhat rare inside, which both offer a variety of sensations in one mouthful. Subs, sandwiches, and even salads gain flavor from the mixture without costing a fortune. 

So what makes this steak so tender and popular? To know more keep on reading!

What Purpose Do Sizzle Steaks Serve?

When making a beef meal on a budget, sizzle steaks are ideal. Steaks, cheese subs, and beef sandwiches are typically made using sizzle steaks. 

This is because sizzle steaks lack the thickness and fat of a top sirloin steak but have the same meaty flavor.

What Type Of Cuts Are Sizzle Steaks?

Sizzle steaks are round steaks, which are leaner and harder cuts of beef taken from the round section of the cow. In grocery stores, it may also be referred to as beef schnitzel or minute steaks, particularly if it has undergone mechanical tenderization.

Can Sizzle Steaks Be Made With Any Kind Of Steak?

Sizzle steaks can technically be made from any kind of steak, as long as it is sliced extremely thinly so that it cooks rapidly as that is what distinguishes a sizzling steak from other cuts of meat.

Any steak that is extremely thinly sliced can be used to make sizzle steaks, but your nicer cuts of steak such as thin-cut New York or KC Strip or sirloin steaks will produce a sizzling steak that is softer.

However, regardless of the variety you choose, do make sure not to overcook your steak while preparing it. A sizzle steak is prepared in under 1-2 minutes on each side and is best-enjoyed medium-rare.

How Do You Cook Sizzle Steak?

The fundamental guidelines for preparing this cut are identical to those for other steaks. The main distinction is that most people slice it first and just cook it for four or five minutes at most.

Cooking Sizzle Steak

However cutting the steak after cooked it can also be done. Either way, both approaches are correct and whichever suits you the most is up to you.

For those that want to cook first and then slice their steak, start by seasoning your steak before frying it. Do make sure that the steak is at room temperature before frying it. Next, add a little oil to your skillet and warm it over high heat. Before turning the meat, place it in the pan and allow it to sizzle for one and a half minutes. Once flipped, keep cooking it until both sides are browned. Lastly, let it cool or rest for a few minutes before cutting it.

On the other hand, those that prefer cooking sliced pieces of steak should start by seasoning the precut meat and then cut the meat into thin slices. Wait till the meat is at room temperature before cooking. Next, heat the oil in a skillet over high heat. Place the slices in the pan and cook them until they are barely done on the outside but have some pink in the middle. Watch the meat carefully because it can cook very quickly and overcooking may cause them to dry out.

How To Improve The Flavor

It is easy to overcook this specific cut due to the steak’s low-fat content. In order to keep it wet, it pays to experiment with marinating.

Apply your dry spice right before cooking to avoid drying out the meat from salt. For marinating, sprinkle salt and freshly ground black pepper on the steak’s sides and both sides so that there is a noticeable coating of seasoning on every surface.

Why Should You Let Your Steak Adjust To Room Temperature Before Cooking?

The most important thing we can do to enhance the cooking and eating experiences is to make sure the meat is not ice cold when it meets the cooking surface of the pan or grill if we are cooking any form of full-muscle meat.

Letting the meat lie on the counter allows the chill from refrigeration to be released. This procedure aids in the gradual movement of the coagulated fluids and fats in the meat’s core to the muscle’s outside borders.

Additionally, allowing the meat to rest at room temperature allows the protein fibers to unwind, allowing the meat to cook more uniformly and absorb heat better.

Final Words on Sizzle Steaks

To sum it up, sizzle steaks are thin pieces of meat that can be added in a variety of recipes. They are easy, quick and cheap to cook and may fulfill your desire of beef without overloading your diet or budget. 

Furthermore, sizzle steaks do not compromise on taste, making it a popular go to option for most people that want to enjoy beef in their salads, sandwiches, pasta, etc.

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