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Do Command Strips Take Off Paint?

Do Command Strips Take Off Paint?

Looking for ideas to embellish your walls?

Use Command Strips! Not only do they provide you with the liberty to decorate your walls with anything and everything, they’re also pretty durable.

However, once you find the need to remove it, you need to be careful when taking off Command Strips, because if you don’t pay attention you may end up stripping the paint off your walls.

As long as you remove Command Strips appropriately, they should not strip the paint from your walls. They can also help you avoid holes, chipped walls, or lasting residue.

If you’ve made up your mind to use Command Strips in your house, keep reading to find out more about them and how to remove them safely.

What Are Command Strips?

If you’re familiar with how pictures or paintings are hung on the walls, Command Strips are pretty easy to understand.

They are basically adhesive hooks that stick to the walls and help you prop up your pictures in a seamless manner.

The best thing about Command Strips is that they don’t affect your walls when removed. So, if you live in a temporary home or apartment where you cannot damage the walls, Command Strips will be your best friend.

How Do Command Strips Work?

Command Strips have one adhesive side that attaches to the wall and allows you to hang pictures on the other end.

It is important that you need to use a sufficient amount of strips to secure your pictures in place because if not, they might not do their job effectively.

Command strips

Can Command Strips Cause Wall Damage?

If not done attentively, strip removal may lead to some damage to the walls.

To avoid peeling the paint along with the Command Strip, pull the strip downwards in a swift manner.

If you’re having trouble and can’t find the tab, applying some heat will help the adhesive to loosen up.

Heat from a hairdryer and detaching with dental floss might help you get rid of the strip easily.

Can Double-Sided Tape Remove Paint From the Wall?

Command Strips are very similar to double-sided tape and yes, they can easily be removed without any damage. They can also be used on almost every surface including ceramics, wood, unevenly painted walls, etc.

How to Carefully Remove Command Strips

Lost your hook’s tab? No worries! You can still remove the strip without any problem.

Use a hairdryer for the heat and then slip some dental floss right behind the strip. Apply the heat for about 30 seconds and break the adhesion with floss.

Work your way with the floss going towards the floor and you’ll have the strip removed with your walls looking spotless.

Clean up any leftover glue and your Command Hook will be as good as new.

How Do You Remove Tape Without Causing Damage?

Using an alcohol-based eyeglass cleaner will help you get rid of the tape quickly.

Rub the alcohol on the adhesive using a rag and be careful to not get it on the walls because it might damage your walls.

Keep rubbing until the adhesive dissolves and use a nylon scrubber if the adhesive sustains.

How To Take Off Permanent Command Strips

Permanent command strips can also be taken off with the help of an eyeglass cleaner.

Make sure it has alcohol and rub it on the adhesive with a rag in a gentle manner.

This will get rid of the sticky substance but be sure not to get the cleaner beyond the strip because it’s not good for the paint.

What Surfaces Are Command Strips Safe To Use On?

There are almost no restrictions when it comes to Command Strips.

You can use them on any type of wood whether it’s painted, stained or varnished, as well as glass and tiles.

Metal, painted wallboards, plaster, and painted cinder blocks also accommodate Command Strips very well.

They can also be used on rough outdoor surfaces such as fences, doors, windows, decks, gutters and trim.

How To Fix a Wall If It Has Been Damaged By a Command Strip

Messed up the strip removal?

We’ve got you covered! If you’ve made holes or bumps while trying to remove the command strip, just use drywall paste to fill up the holes.

Use a putty knife to scrape the excess and smoothen the surface. Once the paste is dry, you’ll find no traces of your slip up!

Conclusion to Command Strips Taking Off Paint

Command Strips are a very good option if you live in a dorm or rent a house. They allow you to hang photos or art without damaging the property.

Not everyone has the expertise of using nails and other wall techniques and in such cases, Command Strips can be a very doable solution.

They might take some paint along if not removed correctly but if you are careful and follow all the right steps, Command Strips might just be your go-to for wall hangings!

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