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Are Black Windows Worth It? A Buyer’s Dilemma

Are Black Windows Worth It? A Buyer’s Dilemma

Black windows are trending right now – and they don’t show signs of slowing down!

These windows are becoming increasingly popular, with many seeking them for their new builds or remodels. However, it isn’t until they become serious about buying them that they realize just how expensive they are. 

So, what makes black windows so popular? Why are they so expensive? And are they even worth it? 

Let’s talk about this growing buyer’s dilemma because – hint – they’re pricey!

Why Black Windows Are Trending

Now and then, a new idea comes along that has staying power – and it changes the world around us. Black windows are one of these ideas!

They have been around for years, but it seems like they are just now starting to catch the eye of homeowners, designers, and more. 

Reason #1 – Fabulous, Customized Style

Did you know that black windows date back to the Victorian era and were used in the homes of the more dominant, higher classes?

Black windows have such a classy, high-quality look about them that it is no wonder they are often referred to as being a high-end design choice. 

Because they are often made to order for these superlative homes, opting for customized windows seems like a logical option. Regardless of your preference, your space, or your design ideas, you can order black windows that will fit just right and get the look you want. 

The result is that windows in your home can be unique to your home. You can’t simply walk into a store and buy them, so having custom black windows sets you apart. And, well, it makes you quite trendy. 

Reason #2 – Limited Availability

As the popularity surrounding black windows increases, the demand has not. Maybe buyers believe that they are too expensive, or perhaps consumers just have not discovered them yet. 

Whatever the reason, the difference between black and white windows is that the supply isn’t there. 

It is not as easy to walk into a store and walk out with black windows as you would with white. Many home improvement stores and retail chains must have a demand before investing in the supply. Otherwise, they’d be following a questionable business model. 

For one reason or another, manufacturers just don’t see the need to keep making them in advance, leaving a limited availability of black windows. Therefore, if you can get your hands on them right away, you are one of the lucky ones. 

Think about how a unique piece of artwork or a customized piece of decor sets your home apart from the next. That’s how the limited availability of black windows impacts this trend. If you are the one who has them, you will stand out from the rest. 

Reason #3 – High-Level Contrast

White windows sort of fade into the rest of the house. But black windows? They are bold, and they accent the home creating a strong contrast between the exterior finish and the interior wall colors. 

From the outside of your home, the outline of the black windows and how they contrast with the rest of the house is absolutely stunning – particularly at night.

Many people find that in new builds, playing with the contrast between design elements can balance a space. 

Reason #4 – A Timeless Option

While black windows may be trending now, they are not a new option. They have stood the test of time since the 1800s, always making an assertive statement in the homes of the well-to-do. 

This timeless option allows you to change your mind about your decor. Whether you decide to paint your home or change the interior design entirely, the black windows will move with you.

They will continue to stand out through every phase of their life.

Reason #5 – Increase Your Home’s Value

Anytime you invest in your home, you do so in hopes of adding value. By opting for black windows during a build or remodel, you are already planning for your future. 

Whether you go to sell, refinance, or handle business involving your assets, the addition of black windows will prove to be fruitful.

woman with disappointed look on face

Will Black Windows Meet Your Needs?

You cannot put black windows on just any home, or else you may end up getting a look opposite of what you had in mind.

For instance, black windows on a house with a dark, earthy finish is a terrible idea. The result appears like black holes rather than beautiful windows!

Further, curtains and blinds don’t work well with black windows. Just about every interior designer out there will likely tell you to keep these windows uncovered for the best look.

Finally, you need to match the interior of your home with your bold, black windows, or else you may have a combination that won’t mesh well together. You don’t 

If your home is too dark or you don’t think you would be comfortable without blinds, perhaps black windows are not the best route for you. 

What Makes Black Windows So Expensive? 

Manufacturers don’t set high prices for their products just to make you ask questions.

There is usually a reason why certain products cost more than others. When it comes to black windows, there are a couple of determining factors. 

1. Limited Availability

Just like we discussed above, there is not a vast supply of black windows sitting around. Therefore, the discount that usually comes with bulk production and bulk purchases is not there. 

Not to mention that finding a quality product is difficult as there are not too many in this market.

In the law of economics, leaving a product in the hands of only a couple of manufacturers automatically means that the cost of the black windows will be higher. 

2. Creating the Finish

Simply put, there is more time and work that goes into creating windows with a black finish than those with a white finish. 

In the manufacturing process, windows are almost always white when they are done. For those orders seeking black windows, additional steps are needed, which increases the cost of production. 

With a choice in various materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and wood, the finish can take on slightly different looks. Note that manufacturers make black windows in different ways, such as either a veneer finish or adding black dye to the original material.

Depending on your choice, this brings additional time and detail to your order. 

Having choices such as these when ordering windows is going to set the cost higher. 

Fore more info on why black windows are more expensive, make sure to take a look at my dedicated article here.

The Verdict: Are Black Windows Worth It? 

Well, here you are, asking, are black windows worth it?

You have learned so much about the contrast, the stunning views, the timeless character, and the ability to customize your windows. You even know that it can increase the value of your home. 

You have also learned that there are exceptions to black windows, such as how they are best used without blinds and not on a home with a dark exterior. Though, black windows won’t fade and offer you a very low-maintenance option for your home. 

But is all of this really worth the extra cost? 

Now that you know the option is available, weigh the pros and cons. Determine what makes you interested in black windows in the first place. Do they fit your style? Will they contrast beautifully with both the interior and the exterior of your home? 

Whether a new build or a remodel, choosing the right windows for your home is a crucial component in putting it all together. If you want a window that will fill your home with high-end style and you are willing to spend a little extra for it, then the answer is yes – black windows are worth it.

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