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Why Are Black Windows More Expensive

Why Are Black Windows More Expensive

You’ve probably seen black windows before, but until you’ve tried to purchase them that realize how expensive they are! So, why are black windows more expensive?

Black windows are more expensive because the color addition adds complexity to the manufacturing process. Additionally, the comparatively limited number of manufacturers producing black windows further increases the cost due to economic supply and demand factors.

Want to know all about why black windows cost more and how you can decorate with them to keep up with the latest trends? Then keep reading and find out! 

Why Black Windows Are More Expensive 

When you are deciding on the windows that you want in your home, or are looking for a home with a certain color of the window, you will notice that black windows are more expensive.

This makes a home that comes with black windows higher in price too!

But, if they are similar to white windows, why are they more expensive

Reason #1 – The Color of the Finish 

When you make something like a window, the original color is going to be the basic white that is most commonly found in houses.

As with any product, when more time or money goes into it, the more the manufacturer will charge for it. Because the finish has more pigment and color, the price is likely to go up because of this. 

This also means that the retailer will order fewer products of this style, which makes them harder to find. And, when they start to get sold out, you might have to wait longer for them to come back in stock. 

More time and effort is taken when it comes to popular products that always sell, so less time is taken on those products that aren’t guaranteed to sell.

There are also different versions of black windows that can further complicate manufacturing.

Some simply have a black veneer that’s added on afterward, while others have a black dye added to the original material before being formed into windows. A less desirable option includes layering a black coating on the outside of a manufactured white window.

Reason #2 – Limited Options

Liking customized or unique décor is a great way to keep your home looking new and stylish, but this also comes at a price. Typical items that will sell no matter what, like a common window in white, will be stocked at all times. 

This is because most homeowners will opt for this choice when they are looking for a new window option. Not everyone will like the look of the black, and this might mean that there are fewer black windows made. 

Because the retail stores cannot guarantee that these products will sell enough to be worth the price of keeping them in the store or warehouse, they typically raise the price to cover the difference. 

This way, if they don’t end up selling all of their product, they will still recuperate the money spent on purchasing the products. 

Due to lower demand for the product, there are also fewer manufacturers producing black windows. Two of the best options include Pella and Anderson.

While these two are respectively giants in their space, there aren’t many quality options for black windows beyond them.

Reason #3 – High-End Style and Product 

Like many other products that are designed for a specific look, black windows were originally used in Victorian times to signify a higher class standing. Black windows were put on large homes that had many rooms to make it look more expensive. 

This is not as popular today, and many products are cheaper than they once were, but this still affects the price. Because black windows are seen as a high-end product, the higher price won’t be a big issue for those who were looking for this style anyway.

In fact, some people might actually like that black windows are more expensive because they will show that they have the money to spend on them. This show of wealth, although it might seem a bit outdated, is still common in certain areas. 

So, having the high-end status and being used on mostly larger and more extravagant homes will allow the price to be higher. 

Pros and Cons of Black Windows 

If you are looking at getting new windows or deciding what type you want to have on a house that you will purchase, then knowing the pros and cons of each option is the best thing to do.

Knowing what to expect from them is one way to narrow down your options and make your final decision.

So, here are the pros and cons of having black windows. 

Pro #1 – Finish Won’t Fade 

Years ago, one of the issues that came with having black windows is the fact that the color would fade from being in the sun. This was not an issue with regular white windows since they are not as dark, and though the finish would fade, it was much less noticeable. 

However, with new technologies making the powder-coat finish much more durable, it will no longer fade as it used to. This makes the finish extremely tough and also ensures that you don’t have to do any routine maintenance to keep it up.

This will also ensure that the color stays deep and dark black even with the sun beating down on it all day. So, your windows will stay black as long as you want them to be. 

Pro #2 – Change Color With Finish 

As your tastes change over time, you might not always want the same style of décor for your home. That includes the colors of the windows. 

But what can you do when you have had black windows for years, and now you no longer like them?

Well, another pro of having black windows is that you can change the color by changing the finish. This will allow you to switch the color when you want a change and keeps you from needing to completely remove and discard our current windows. 

Whenever you feel that you want a new color for your window, you can just pay to have the finished redone and you will see a huge difference in the look and style of the home. 

Cons of Having Black Windows 

Aside from price, there are some reasons that people don’t want to have black windows, but they are all pretty self-explanatory.

So, instead of detailing each one, I will have a list of the main reasons for you to take a look at!

There are only a few caveats to having black windows, but if any of these bullets are a dealbreaker for you, then you might want to rethink this option. 


  • The dark color can make the home hotter in the summer months 
  • The black can make the grilles hard to see if they are black too 
  • They don’t go with every style, like more traditional homes

What Makes The Windows Black? 

Windows can be transformed to black through a variety of means.

  • Some are manufactured to be black throughout by adding the color to the material composition before it’s formed into a window itself.
  • Others simply add a black veneer to the outside of the window, while leaving the inside white.
  • And lastly, some are coated in a final finish to provide a thin black color coating.

The last option is both the cheapest and least durable of the bunch. So while you might save some money upfront, it may cost you in the long run.

The veneer route tends to add about 20% cost, while fully black throughout is the most expensive and may cost twice as much (or more) as their white counterparts.

Are Black Windows a New Trend?

If you have been noticing that there are some newer homes that seem to come with darker windows than what you are used to seeing, then you have already seen these black windows. 

However, with this trend being something that is available, but not yet widely used, they are not quite as common. But in the last few years, with the popularity of sleek and modern home styles, there has been a shift to black windows for a new timeless look. 

Many newer homes are built with simplicity in mind, and there are often black, white, and gray hues used on the exterior. For a white or gray-colored house, black windows offer a strong contrast that accentuates the home. 

Because of the stylish and classic look that these windows bring, black windows have become a favorite option for many homeowners. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do black windows cost more?

Black windows cost more than white windows due to the added complexity in the manufacturing process. The comparatively limited number of manufacturers producing black windows further increases their cost.

Are black windows still in?

Black windows have been used for over one hundred years and their timeless look is unlikely to completely fall out of style in the near future.

Final Thoughts

With all this information in mind, you might be thinking that choosing the kind of windows you want for your house is a bigger decision than you thought. You have to think about the color, finish, and if it will fade over time. 

However, making your decision doesn’t have to be hard when you take a look at the pros and cons. If any of the cons are major issues for you, then opting for another option will be your best bet. 

But, if you are liking the idea of having black windows that don’t fade, then maybe going with this choice of windows will give you the look and low-maintenance option that you have been searching for. 

Whatever you decide, you want to ensure that you are happy with your decision. So, if you haven’t made your final choice, take another look at this article to see what you like or dislike about the pricing and style of black windows. 

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