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Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

Dogs will forever be a human’s best friend. Sometimes they even help us with our chores!

If we train them correctly, they can even give us tools when we cannot reach them. If you are working on a home construction project, can you take your #1 companion into Home Depot?

Dogs are not allowed inside Home Depot. The only exception to this is that service dogs are allowed inside Home Depot, as well as many other buildings and businesses.

If the service dog is constantly barking and being a nuisance, the dog and the owner will be asked to leave. Barking at others means the dog is not trained to be a service dog.

Taking your dog to Home Depot used to be fun. But many people will poorly-trained dogs made it so that we cannot take our trained dogs anymore either.

Are Dogs Allowed Inside Home Depot?

I completely understand when people want to take their dogs everywhere they go. It is so nice to have them walk with you as you go down the aisles.

If your dog is small enough, you may put them in your shopping cart so you can push them around. But most places do not allow dogs inside.

So, is Home Depot one of those places that does not allow dogs inside the premises or inside the building?

The answer will make you a bit sad. Home Depot used to allow dogs in their buildings, but they no longer do.

They stopped allowing dogs into their buildings in 2021, which is unfortunate, as many people love bringing their dogs with them to Home Depot.

Maybe there were too many issues with untrained dogs snapping at customers and employees.

We have all seen untrained dogs snap at people whenever they pass by humans and other animals.

People who allow their untrained dog to snap at others in business ruin it for everyone else.

Home Depot used to have simple rules that owners had to follow if they wanted to bring their dogs in the building.

But now these rules no longer apply. All dogs that are not service dogs, as well as other animals are no longer allowed in Home Depot.

Service dogs

Are Service Dogs Allowed?

Yes, service dogs are allowed inside Home Depot. Service dogs are actually allowed inside every business and inside public space.

This type of dog is allowed inside Home Depot because it is the law. Service dogs help people with physical and mental problems.

But not every dog can become a service dog and not every dog can be called a service dog.

They must be certified service dogs trained and deemed ready for work by a professional service dog training organization.

Fake Service Dogs Are a Real Issue!

Some selfish people who have dogs may claim that their dog is a service dog. They do this in order to bring their dog into the building.

But just because you want your furry friend by your side does not mean that you should use the service dog excuse. That law is for people with special needs or people with handicaps.

If you take your dog into Home Depot and it growls at nearby people and snaps at them, then the employees will know the dog is not trained for service work.

They can ask you to leave the premises. If a fake service dog bites someone, then Home Depot can sue you and force you to pay for that person’s medical expenses. They can also ban you from all other Home Depot locations.

I Have Seen Dogs Inside Home Depot Though?

Ultimately, it is the manager of each Home Depot location that will determine if non-service dogs are allowed inside the store. Some managers do not care if there are dogs inside the store, as long as they are calm and quiet. Most employees don’t care either.

Just keep your dog quiet and keep them on a leash at all times. Do not let the dog bark or snap at others. Do not let them chew on any of the products either.

You can always ask the manager or an employee on that location’s animal policy.

What Should I Do If My Dog Pees Inside the Store?

So, you live by a Home Depot that allows dogs inside the building. That is great! Now you can take your dog with you. But if you take too long inside the Home Depot, your dog may not be able to hold their urine or feces!

What should you do if your dog poops or pees in the middle of the aisle? Do not leave it there and walk away. Find an employee and tell them what happened. They can find the janitor who can clean the area. Or, if you have bags with you for just this type of emergency, clean it up yourself.

Conclusion to Bringing Your Dog Into Home Depot

No, dogs are not allowed in Home Depot anymore. All non-service animals were banned in 2021. Only service dogs are allowed inside the building and in the garden section. By law, business owners have to allow service dogs into Home Depot. If a person lies and says their dog is a service dog when it isn’t, there could be issues.

Some Home Depot locations allow dogs in the building, as long as they are well trained. It is up to the manager.

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