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How To Turn Off the Yellow Light on Alexa

How To Turn Off the Yellow Light on Alexa

Alexa is the friendly personal assistant that many Amazon enthusiasts use to simplify their life.

But Alexa is still a piece of technology and sometimes technology can start acting weird or malfunctioning.

In some cases, Alexa will display a yellow light and the end user will have no idea how to turn it off.

If the yellow light from your Alexa is spinning, then you must wait until it connects to the wifi in order for it to turn off. However, if the light is flashing, then ask Alexa about missed reminders or messages, as the yellow light is to show the user that they have notifications waiting.

The Alexa device has a multitude of functions and features so it will take a while before a user can fully grasp all of the different things that Alexa can do.

Just watch YouTube videos or use the manual that came in the box to get started.

How to Turn Off the Yellow Light on Alexa

So, the yellow light on your Alexa device keeps going off. There are two different ways to turn off the yellow light.

The first way is to address any reminders notifications that you may have missed. In order to do this, just ask “Alexa, what notifications do I have?”

You can also say “Alexa, are there any messages or reminders for me?”

Then, the Alexa device will read off any upcoming reminders or missed reminders as well as missed alarms.

But what if you don’t feel like answering all of these messages and notifications?

Maybe you are tired and want to go to bed, or you just don’t feel like addressing any issues right now.

But there is a way to turn off the yellow light without answering all the messages and reminders.

You can try and command Alexa to turn off the display light. Say “Alexa, turn off the display light.” and it may listen to you.

Try to turn off the display light the next time you see a light turn on. This is not guaranteed to work.

But this only works if the yellow light is flashing off and on.

If you see that your Alexa device has a yellow light that is spinning around, then there’s a different issue.

When the yellow light spins round and round on the device, that means the Alexa device is trying to reconnect to the home’s wifi.

But if you cannot put the Alexa on disturb mode and you don’t want to answer the missed alarms and notifications, there’s another way to stop the Alexa from lighting up. Just unplug it.

You’ll be able to use it at all, but at least you won’t see the yellow light flashing on and off.


What Does the Yellow Light Mean?

Since Alexa is connected to the house’s wifi, it can update the user on the weather and the weather in the coming days. You can even use Alexa as a speaker for music in some cases.

If Alexa is allowed to access the numbers in the user’s contacts on their smartphone, Alexa can call the user’s friends and talk to them through the Alexa device.

Alexa can also set alarms and routines to streamline your day. But the yellow light is a special feature of Alexa.

The yellow light also might mean that there is a reminder that was not addressed.

For example, let’s say you ask the Alexa device to remind you to go to the store at 3 p.m.

Then you left the house. If you leave the house and the Alexa device is not programmed on your phone, then you will not be able to receive the reminder to go to the store.

After a few hours out of the house, you return to see that the Alexa device is flashing yellow. Since you were not there to hear the reminder, you were not able to acknowledge the reminder.

If Alexa never received a verbal command from the user when it displays an alarm, notifications, or reminder, then it will mark it as an unaddressed.

Then it will display a yellow light to show the user that they missed the reminder or notification.

Can You Turn Off the Lights on Alexa?

Some people place the Alexa device in the bedroom with them so they can talk to it while they are waking up or going to sleep.

But they may not want to see the Alexa device lighting up in the middle of the night.

Some people are light sleepers, so the Alexa light will wake them up when they are trying to sleep.

So, is there a way the user can turn off the lights on an Alexa?

Yes, there is. To turn off the lights on an Alexa device, command the device to switch to do not disturb mode.

The Alexa device will not light up or make any sounds on do not disturb mode

Conclusion to the Yellow Light on Alexa

To stop the yellow light from flashing on your Alexa device, ask Alexa if there are any missed reminders or messages.

Then the device will read the messages or notifications to you. When the Alexa device displays a yellow light, that means that there are missed reminders or notifications.

But if the yellow light is spinning instead of flashing, then it will go away when the device is reconnected to the house’s Wi-Fi. To turn off all lights on an Alexa device, place the device on do not disturb mode.

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