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What Is A BBQ Grill Mat? (The Grill Master’s Secret Weapon!)

What Is A BBQ Grill Mat? (The Grill Master’s Secret Weapon!)

Have you ever tried grilling smaller pieces of food only to realize that they simply fall through the grill? I was in the same boat until a friend recommended that I try a barbecue grill mat!

A barbecue grill mat is non-stick heat mat that can be safely placed on top of a gas, charcoal, or electric grill grate to safely cook small, or more delicate, pieces of food. They not only prevent the food from falling through the grill gates, but also make cleanup easier.

While the premise of a bbq grill mat sounds simple, I knew that there would be more to it so I decided to keep researching!

How to use a BBQ grill mat?

BBQ grill mats are easy to use. There is no need for any professional installment, setup, or any additional materials or tools for it to work.

All that is required to use a BBQ grill mat is the mat itself and a grill of course. Just place the mat on the grill grates and it’s time to start grilling.

Once the mat is on the grill just put the food on top and start cooking. What I love about these BBQ grill mats is that I do not need any oil or butter. Just put the food on the mat as is and start grilling.

I have found using a BBQ grill mat to be a lot simpler to use than a grill pan. Using a grill mat is also most definitely better than using aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is my least favorite thing to use as it typically tears and causes a mess when I try to flip the food.

I recommend getting a BBQ grill mat. It’s a great investment that is easy to use, produces tasty meals, and prevents annoying cleaning up afterward.

Are BBQ grill mats safe to use?

Grill mats are safe to use. However, safety depends on correct usage. Once they are used correctly they are completely safe.

If grill mats are not correctly used it can result in damages to the mat. Also, chemicals in the mat can be released into the food being prepared and cause harm if it is consumed. Grill mats prevent food from sticking to them because of the chemicals they are made with.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is used to coat the mats to make them non-stick. This same chemical is used in the manufacturing of other non-stick cooking ware such as non-stick pans.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is FDA-approved which means it’s safe to use. The important thing is to ensure grill mats are properly used and everything will be just fine.

Everything that has ever been invented can cause harm with incorrect use. So, it’s understandable that grill mats are only unsafe when they are not used properly.

So, the answer to the question is yes grill mats are safe. They pose no real threat unless they are not used as instructed.

Additional safety tips

Like any other cookware, the best way to safely use a grill mat is to avoid overheating. When cookware is overheated toxic fumes are released.

I always make sure I read and follow the guidelines of the manufacturers so I know the appropriate temperature to use. The packaging of BBQ grill mats typically states the maximum temperature that is safe to use.

Grill mat should never be placed on an open fire. This is because it is difficult to control the temperature so the fire can easily burn through the mat and destroy it. This will cause chemicals to get into the food.

It’s also important to minimize friction as must as possible. Friction can damage the non-stick coating of the mat. Avoid friction as much as possible when cooking, cleaning, and storing mats.

Another way to avoid damaging mats is to use utensils made of materials that are not metallic. Metallic utensils will gradually destroy the non-stick layer of the mat. Utensils made of wood, plastic, or rubber are the best to use.

BBQ grill mats can become unsafe if they are not stored properly. Proper storage minimizes the risk of damages. Do not store anything on top of grill mats that can scratch the non-stick coat.

Are grill mats any good?

BBQ grill mats are not good, they are great! I love to grill and grill mats have been quite handy.

They are great for preventing wasted food. Bits and pieces of meat and other foods tend to fall between the grill grates during cooking.

Using a grill mat helps to keep these foods right where they belong, on top of the grill until it’s time to eat.

Grill mats are a great investment especially for people who grill frequently. The best thing is that they are made to be used with any size or type of grill.

Are grill mats reusable?


Grill mats can be used as many times as possible once they are properly taken care of. The average mat can last up to 3 years once used, cleaned, and stored correctly.

Grill mats are washable so they can be used over and over. Also, since they are non-stick, washing and reusing is quick and easy.

Aluminum foil has to be thrown away when used to grill because unlike a grill mat it becomes damaged. Grill mats can however be used, washed by dishwasher or hand, and used again without any damage.

What is the best BBQ grill mat?

All manufacturers will claim that their grill mats are the best that exist. Don’t just take their word for it, read customer reviews before making any decisions.

That being said – it’s hard to ignore the endless positive feedback that some get… In particular, the Kona Grill Mat is one that comes up time and time again!

Not only does it come with a 7-year warranty, but it’s also rated for 1,000 uses.

I’m not sure how often you grill, but that’s a LOT of time on the barby!

It’s thicker construction also enables it to handle temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that you can use it in almost any grill situation.

The Standard Kona mat comes with dimensions of 16 inches by 13 inches, while the XL Kona mat measures in at 25 inches by 17 inches.

It’s also worth pointing out that grill mats are made in various shapes and sizes to fit the different types of grills. Make sure that you purchase one that fits your grill to ensure that you get good use out of it.

Reasons to use a BBQ grill mat

A grill mat makes grilling easier and the food tastes a lot better. They come in different sizes and can be used with any type of grill.

Grill mats have saved me the hassle of scraping food off the grill which is something I hate to do after having a lovely barbecue! BBQ grill mats are placed over the grates of grills to prevent food from falling through.

Traditionally, only big pieces of meat were cooked on grills because smaller foods would fall through. With my BBQ grill mat, I can now grill smaller foods. I can now grill food like cheese, eggs, vegetables, and fish by simply placing a grill mat on the grill.

BBQ grill mats are also great for preserving the flavor of meats. I always get the best tasting meat when I use my grill mat because it allows meats to retain their juices.

I never thought I could use sauces on a grill until I bought a barbecue grill mat. These mats prevent any spills so I’m able to grill with all my favorite sauces and make the most delicious meals.

Buying a BBQ grill mat is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can grill tasty dishes without having to worry about scraping food off of the grill later on.

Disadvantages of using a BBQ grill mat?

While I believe grill mats are a great investment, it would not be fair for me to leave out some of the disadvantages. However, the advantages of using a grill mat outweigh the disadvantages.

BBQ grill mats have no drainage holes. This makes them great for sauces but prevents excess oil from draining from meats.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that grill mats come with an added price. While it’s certainly cheaper than the grill itself, it’s still far from free.

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