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Can Kitchen Tiles Be Used Outside?

Can Kitchen Tiles Be Used Outside?

If you want to redo your porch outside, you might be thinking you want to place tiles on top of the concrete to make the patio look more welcoming and homely.

What about all the unused kitchen tiles in your garage? Can kitchen tile be used outside?

Unless the tiles are altered, most types of tiles cannot be used outside. Tiles that are made for indoor use will quickly wear away in a fraction of the time outside.

The kitchen tiles will also look terrible because of the excessive exposure to the elements.

There are a few things you can do to the tiles, so they last slightly longer outside.

But if you want tiles that will last years and years, purchase tiles made for the outdoors or use tiles designed for indoor and outdoor environments.

Can Kitchen Tiles Be Used Outside?

Decorating a patio or deck for the summer is so much fun! Think of all the possibilities for decorations!

Once your patio is completed, you will have a space to host fun families bbqs, watch the opening olympics ceremony, study for your final exams, and just lounge on during a lazy day.

Decorations or renovations cost money and you may not want to spend all that much to fix up your deck.

Then you remembered that you have a bunch of unused kitchen tiles taking up room in your garage. Maybe you can use those tiles and save yourself a lot of money.

Sorry, but this is not a good idea. Tiles designed for indoor use are not made to withstand constant exposure to hot and cold weather, moisture, sunlight, dirt, sand, and wind.

However, there are certain tiles that can be used both inside and outside. Usually, these tiles will say “for indoor/outdoor use” clearly on their label.

Indoor Tiles

Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

Some tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are more expensive since they have to be weatherproofed, however. But they will last a long time.

  1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles will look wonderful on the patio or on the deck.

It is fine to use the same tiles indoors in the kitchen or in the bathroom. When you go shopping for ceramic tiles, choose the ones that are outdoor grade ceramic tiles.

Outdoor grade ceramic tiles will be more expensive, but it will last for at least a decade or more, no matter how bad the weather is in your area.

Since these materials can handle anything, these tiles can handle a decade of spills, heat, grime, dirt, and moisture if they are inside the kitchen.

2. Porcelain

Another type of tile that will survive outdoor weather and fit perfectly inside your kitchen is porcelain tiles. 

Most people do not consider porcelain to be a hearty or durable material. We’ve all had a beautiful porcelain vase that shattered into little bits at the slightest touch.

But when porcelain is forged the right way, it has the potential to be a durable and hearty material.

3. Slate

A third tile for indoors and outdoors is the slate tile. Slate tiles are heavy, so do not try to lift too many at once.

One reason slate tiles can last a long-time outdoors is because of its non-porous construction.

Moisture cannot seep into microscopic holes in the slate, since there are none.

Play in the type of rock so it can easily handle any type of weather and long exposure to the sun.

Can Indoor Kitchen Tiles Be Weatherproofed?

So, the indoor kitchen tiles you have in your garage are not ceramic plates or porcelain, but you still want them on your patio.

Well, if nothing will change your mind, then you can improve the durability of the indoor tile.

After placing the indoor kitchen tiles down, seal them with weatherproof and moisture resistant glue.

Then, feeling any cracks or gaps with a colored caulk. It will keep moisture from trickling down underneath the title.

Once all the gaps are filled in, now you must place down a layer of waterproof coating.

Since the tiles themselves are not weatherproof, don’t be surprised when their color starts to fade in a few months.

The sun can bleach or fade colors. To prevent Sun bleaching from ruining your tiles, cover the tiles with tarp.

Conclusion to Using Indoor Tiles Outside

Indoor kitchen tiles cannot be used outdoors on the patio or the deck unless they are weatherproofed.

But there are a few types of tiles that can be used both indoors and outdoors, like slate, ceramic, and porcelain.

If you are dead set on using a certain type of tile made for the kitchen, then we suggest waterproofing the tile when you lay them down outside.

But be ready to change them out within a year or so. Cover the tiles to prevent sun bleaching.

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