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Can You Put Box Springs on Slats?

Can You Put Box Springs on Slats?

Learn all about box springs, and you won’t have any back aches to complain about! 

When dealing with box springs, the most common mistake is to put slats underneath a box spring. This doesn’t have any benefit and adds unnecessary load to your bed frame. Metal slats are more beneficial in cases where there’s no bed frame.

You can put a box spring on slats, but there’s no need for the extra support, as it just adds extra weight. Box springs can also be omitted if your base slats are up to 2.75 inches apart. 

However, if you don’t pay attention to how box springs function and should be dealt with, you’d end up with an uncomfortable bed. Here are some of the things you need to know:

Box Springs: What Are Their Advantages and Disadvantages?

A box spring is a wooden frame used to provide a solid foundation to place mattresses. The overall structure has to be according to the size of the mattress so that it sits on the frame seamlessly.

Box springs also have coils in the center to provide additional support and shock absorption. 

Box springs are often looked down upon because they’re old-fashioned. However, they’re still widely used for all kinds of mattresses because of their durability.

If you don’t have a box spring, though, you don’t have to feel left out.

As long as your bed is supported by a flat surface, you’re good to go. Platform beds, foundations, and floors are common alternatives to box springs. 


If you’re doubting the idea of getting a box spring for your mattress, here are a few benefits to keep you convinced:

No More Back Aches

Box springs provide a firm platform for your mattress, which means that you’ll have a smooth and comfortable mattress.

This will help you sleep better and also alleviate any back pains caused by sagging or bumpy mattresses. 


Since the mattress load is evenly distributed because of the box spring, you can expect the mattress to last you more years than the average. Box springs also help minimize the damage done to the mattress by a point or heavy loads. 

Like every good thing, though, box springs also have their fair share of cons. Here are a few things you need to look out for:


  • Not easy to manage, most box springs get damaged during transportation.
  • Heavy to carry and also not always supported by bed frames
  • The performance of a Box spring entirely depends on the spring coils. Without them, a box spring can do more damage to the mattress than good. 

What Are the Purpose of Slats?

Slats are just wooden planks placed under the mattress for better support. They’re not heavy but can easily support the weight of the mattress and heavy sleepers. Slats are evenly placed on the bed frame without any additional coils or hooks. 

Slats What are they and their Advantages and disadvantages
The good thing about slats is that they're easy to manage and also do the job as well as box springs. With slats, you won't have to endure the hassle of transportation and will also not suffer from sagging mattresses! 


To know more about why you should consider investing in slats, here are some of the benefits you get:


Box springs come in quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget and want to support your mattress, slats are a good choice. Not only do they come in much cheaper, but they’re also easily available everywhere. 

Easy Installation

Slats are typically made of lightweight wood, making them easy to carry and install. Since there’s little to no technicality involved, you can easily install them yourself. 

Provide Airflow

Slats are placed with a certain amount of gap between them, allowing air to pass freely through the mattress. This increases the life of your bed and also prevents it from smelling bad.

Like box springs, though, slats also have their cons. Here are some things you need to watch out for:


  • If the slats are placed too far apart, then the mattress can easily sag. A maximum of 2.75 inches difference should be kept in mind if you don’t want your mattress to sag.
  • Since slats are not secured by coils or hooks, they can keep shifting from their place under the mattress. This can significantly impact the mattress’s life and also damage it in the long run. 

Why Should You Put Box Springs on Slats?

Both slats and box springs function as alternatives to each other. Therefore, you don’t have to put box springs on slats because there’s no need for extra support.

The only difference between them is their price and durability. As discussed above, you can choose either a box spring or slats to support your mattress, according to your budget. 

Many people still place slats along with box springs because of a common misconception that it’s double support. This is not the case, though, because placing both together can significantly impact the bed frame. To avoid unnecessary loads, choose any one mattress-supporting option, and you’ll be good to go. 

How Many Slats Do Beds Need?

The number of slats entirely depends on the size of your bed and the width of the slats. If your slats measure 1-2 inches in width, you’ll need 16-20 slats, on average.

According to standard measurements, a twin-sized bed usually needs 16-20 slats, whereas a queen or king-sized bed needs 18-20. 

You can also use wider slats to reduce the number of planks. All you need to ensure is a safe distance between the slats so that the mattress doesn’t sag. 

Slats vs. Box Springs: Which Is Better?

Box springs and slats both do the job of supporting mattresses quite well. However, to choose one, you need to narrow down your budget, requirements, and the size of your bed. If you want to add height to your bed, then consider getting box springs. Innerspring mattresses also work better with box springs. 

If budget is a constraint, then there’s no better choice than slats. They often come in for free with the bed frame and also can be disassembled easily. However, you won’t get much height with slats. 

Final Words on Box Springs and Slats

Box springs and slats are often confused with being the same because of their function. However, both have their differences, and if you’re looking for ways of supporting your bed, it’s important to learn the dynamics of both. This guide helps you understand both box springs and slats, so you’d hopefully be able to choose easily!

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