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Can You Return Paint To Lowe’s?

Can You Return Paint To Lowe’s?

Painting is one of the best parts of home decorating and home reconstruction.

There are usually a few steps that must be completed before the actual painting can begin. But most people consider painting to be easy.

Selecting the right color is difficult though!

So, what should you do if you pick out the wrong color of paint for your bedroom or kitchen and you want to exchange the color for a better one or return the can of paint?

Can you return paint to Lowe’s?

A customer can return paint to Lowe’s within 30 days of purchase. There are a few additional restrictions on paint returns such as needing a receipt for proof of purchase, but each one is reasonable.

They must return the paint within 30 days of its purchase date. The generous paint return policy is because of Lowe’s Paint Colour Guarantee.

So, if you are worried about buying the wrong color and wasting your money on unreturnable paint that you can’t use, do not fret!

Lowe’s has your back when it comes to returning paint! Here’s a peak into what else I’ll be covering in this article:

Can You Return Paint to Lowe’s?

Redoing a part of your home and painting takes some money but it is guaranteed to make your home look so much better.

Unless the person takes out a small loan on their home, they will most likely be paying a contractor or handyman with the money they saved up over a few years.

They don’t really have money to spare if the contractor finds mold on the floor or if all of the paints, they purchased turned out to be the wrong colors.

Imagine picking out some colors for the walls, ceiling, and trim, only to find that all the colors are ugly, and they don’t match together?

Will the store that you purchased the paint from allow you to return the paint and give you a refund?

Will they give you extra credit or will they deny the return since paint cannot be recycled?

If you purchased your paint from Lowe’s, you’ll be happy to know that they will allow customers to return a can of paint to the paint department.

Does Lowe’s Take Paint Returns?

Yes, Lowe’s does take paint returns. Dorothy restrictions that the company places on paint returns, but if you meet all of these requirements, you can happily return as many cans of paint as you need.

The first restriction is that the can of paint must be returned within 30 days.

The General’s return policy allows customers to find somewhere in their busy schedule to return the paint that they picked out and select a new color.

Do not mix up the 30-day return policy with the 90-day return policy on other items.

The paint department will only accept, return, or credit paint that has been purchased in the last 30 days

The second restriction is that the customer needs to have a receipt showing proof of purchase date when they return the paint.

What types of paint can you return to Lowe’s?

Lowe’s allows the paint department to return or exchange most types of paint.

The paints that qualify for return or store credit are:

  • Interior paint
  • exterior paint
  • stains
  • resurfacing paint

Which types of paints do not qualify for Lowe’s generous paint return policy?

  • Spray paint
  • paint color samples
  • paint products that are no longer sold in the store
  • tinting sprays and paints
  • Paints that are sold during certain sales and deals

If you’re not sure which paint you’re buying and if it qualifies for the paint return policy, ask the paint department.

They are knowledgeable and will know which paint products can be returned and which cannot.

Mixed paints

Can You Return Mixed Paint?

Whether the customer mixes different colors into one color or they mix two types of paint, most companies will not allow a customer to return mixed paint.

But what is Lowe’s return policy concerning mixed paint?

No matter how the paint is mixed, a customer is able to return mix paint to Lowe’s and either receive a full refund or they can exchange it out for paint of equal or lesser value.

Customers sometimes buy two different shades of paint and mix them together in a giant bucket to get one uniform color.

Then they realize that that color is not right. They can walk right into the Lowe’s and return the mixed paint.

The paint has to come in its original containers. So, pour the mixed paint back into their original paint cans.

You also need to include the paint can lids.

Can Open Paint Be Returned?

Yes, if you purchase your paint at Lowe’s, you can return an opened can of paint.

Some places will not allow anyone to open a can of paint and then return it.

But as long as you did not use too much of the paint, you can return an open can of paint.

How much is too much paint?

Well, if you use half the can of paint, Lowe’s will not take it back or allow you to exchange it for store credit.

Far too much paint has been used and you could have painted some furniture or the trim/molding in a room.

The general rule is to not use more than a fifth of the paint.

Can You Return Paint To Lowe’s Without A Receipt?

Some stores may allow you to return paint without a receipt.

But there is no official guarantee saying that Lowe’s will return or exchange a can of paint if there is no receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt, you may be able to use your Lowe’s credit card transaction history.

I want to buy several paint cans so I can figure out which one works best for my design. Do I really have to buy large cans of paint?

If you don’t know which color looks best for your project, you do not have several full cans of paint.

Lowe’s, as well as a few other major hardware stores sell small cans of paint. The small cans of paint are usually $5 to $10 each.

Lowe’s has an online store. Can I return paint by mail?

Surprisingly, you absolutely can return paint that has been purchased through Lowe’s website or at the Lowe’s store through the mail!

To return paint via mail, you must log in to your account on Lowe’s website, select the paint you ordered, and then click on returns or refunds.

The website will give you instructions on how to mail a can of paint.

Conclusion on returning paint to Lowes

Because of Lowe’s paint guarantee policy, a customer is able to return a can of paint for a refund or an exchange. They return the can of paint within 30 days.

If they use more than a ⅕ of the can, they may not be able to return the paint as too much paint has been used.

If you cannot reach a Lowe’s store, you can buy and return paint online via the mail.

The can of paint must come back in its original container and with its lid.

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