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Rogue Slice Sled Review: A Compact But Versatile Sled!

Rogue Slice Sled Review: A Compact But Versatile Sled!

After building out my home gym a year ago, I fell in love with training at home but felt there was something lacking from my workouts. After much contemplation, I decided that a sled would be the perfect addition to my home gym!

After searching through the wide variety of sled options available these days, I landed on the Rogue Slice sled as the perfect option. Its versatility, compact size, robust build, and reasonable cost make it an excellent choice for any home gym.

Keep reading to learn more about the Rogue Slice sled and why it could be the perfect sled for your home gym as well!

Rogue Slice Sled Features

Rogue offers a variety of sleds, and the Slice Sled is one of their more affordable options.

Most notably, its compact design has a footprint of just 22.5″ by 27.5″.

Better yet, the weight post folds flat and adds to the ease of storing the sled in a home or garage gym where space is limited. 

Despite its small size, the Rogue Slice Sled can handle a fair amount of weight!

The sled weighs sixty-five pounds and is capable of loads over 300 pounds. That is more than enough weight for most athletes to provide a good workout!

Like other Rogue products, the slice sled is made from .25″ thick formed steel in Columbus, Ohio. It is made by cutting one piece of solid steel and is finished with a high-quality texture black powder coat.

To say that this thing is bulletproof is not an understatement!

The sled’s construction allows for use outdoors on various surfaces. Additional skis (which I highly recommend) can be attached to the base for use indoors to minimize damage to gym floors.

Given that most of us don’t have enough space to use the sled effectively indoors, the UHMW plastic skis are a must for using it outside if you want to avoid damaging the sled and stay in the good graces of your neighbors 😉

One of the key differences between the Slice sled and the cheaper model Rogue offers is the inclusion of handles.

If you’re only interested in a sled for pulling uses then the handles aren’t needed, but I really like the versatility that this sled adds by having them.

The Slice sled has two 37″ handles that make pushing and pulling easy without using a harness or sled straps.

This is a pretty big advantage and worth spending the extra bit of money, in my opinion!

Rogue Slice sled slim breakdown for easy and compact storage
Rogue Slice sled slim breakdown for easy and compact storage


  • Dual capacity (push or pull)
  • Compact folding design that makes it easy to travel or store
  • Affordable
  • Versatile: can work indoors or outdoors for a diverse workout
  • Pairs with any rogue sled skis
  • Great design making it smooth and easy to use


  • Limited options for attachments
  • Can’t pull as much weight as more robust models
  • UHMW plastic skis are an added cost

The Bottom Line: Rogue Slice Sled Review

What it boils down to is that the Rogue Slice Sled is a fantastic option for those who either are just starting out with sled training, those who travel often, or trainers who need multiple stacking sleds.

Would I love to have a full-size sled? Yes. Do I have room for one? No!

If you have tight quarters at home, it’s also a great option as it stores easily as you can see from the photo above.

A sled is a powerful option that you can push or pull for a thorough workout. It’s well made, can carry a decent amount of weight, and is American-made.

Sled Training Options

Obviously, with a sled, the significant movements are pushing and pulling. Both are highly effective and, when used together, provide a killer workout for your entire lower body.

After all, building muscle isn’t just important to look good, but it’s vital for good health.

Option 1: Sled Push

Pushing a sled is excellent for training your glutes, quads, and calves. Typically, training your posterior chain would mean deadlifts or squats, but those all involve loading your spine and have a higher risk of injury. 

One of the many benefits of sled training is that your body isn’t loaded. All of the weight is put on the sled, which results in a lower risk of injury and greater adaptability. 

For building strength and muscle size, heavy sled pushes are the way to go. Program sleds work similarly to the way you would squats or lunges. Heavier loads will require shorter distances and more rest time in between sets. 

Lighter loads on the sled are great for building speed and endurance. Keep rest time to a minimum between sets and try to maintain a steady pace throughout the length of the workout. 

Option 2: Sled Pull

The sled push gets the majority of the attention but pulling a sled can be an incredible workout in its own right. Sled pulls or drags will work for similar muscle groups as the push but will also hit the lower and upper back, shoulders, and quads more directly.

Depending on the type of pull you perform, each muscle group will be taxed and required to work hard to move the weight across the gym. Another variation of the sled drag would be to attach a rope to the sled and pull it towards you while you stay in the same position.

Dragging a sled across the gym will train your lower body and your grip strength, core, and lats as you work to bring the weight back to you.

Once you finish, push the sled back to the starting position and go again. It’s a complete workout in two movements that will build your engine and functional strength. 

For these and many other reasons, distance runners, sprinters, crossfitters, and athletes of every sport can benefit from incorporating some sled workouts into their training programs. 

Why Choose the Rogue Slice Sled

The Rogue Slice Sled sells for an affordable amount, considering other sleds can run close to $1000. That may seem like quite a bit of money, but when you consider all the benefits of sled training and the quality construction of the sled, it’s an excellent buy. 

Rogue products have a long history of quality and durability. The compactness and versatility of this sled ensure that you will be using it for a long time without complaints. 

Shipping and delivery are fast and easy. The sled is included in Rogue’s “3 ships free” promotion, meaning you can pair your new sled with a strap and sleds to get free shipping. 

Much has been made about functional fitness and needing to connect what people do in the gym with real life in recent years.

There may be no greater tool for this type of training than a sled, and there may not be a better option for the everyday athlete than the Rogue Slice Sled.

The Benefits of Sled Training

The benefits of sled training are immense. If you are looking for a reason to bite the bullet and invest in a sled for your next session, here are a few reasons why. 

Sleds allow for single leg or unilateral training to help compensate for strength imbalances. While pushing a sled, every step is similar to a Bulgarian split squat or forward lunge.

The difference is your body is in a much safer position, and because the sled is loaded and not your back, you can load up as much weight as you can push with less fear of injury. 

Sled training is also as functional and straightforward as it gets. Pushing or pulling a sled is something anyone can do regardless of fitness level. The load will differ, but you can push a sled if you can walk. 

It’s fun. Well, maybe not fun in the traditional sense, but for anyone wanting to build a challenging workout for leg day, sleds will put your entire lower body and core, shoulders, and posterior chain through a complete range of motion and deliver results. 

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