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Can You Use A Steam Mop On Vinyl Flooring?

Can You Use A Steam Mop On Vinyl Flooring?

It seems like your vinyl floors don’t shine like they once did.

You have tried many cleaning solutions, but nothing works. However, you heard about steam mops and how shiny they can make your floors.

Can you use a steam mop on a vinyl flooring?

You should not use a steam mop on your vinyl flooring, as the mop will damage your floors beyond repair and have you calling a contractor within weeks. Try mopping with warm water instead of using a steam mop.

Read on to learn more about steam mops and how else you can clean your vinyl floors.

Vinyl floor

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring?

If you have vinyl flooring and you just bought a steam mop, then you’ll have to either return your mop or let it sit in the closet.

Your dreams of using your powerful steam mop on your beautiful vinyl floors will have to stay a dream.

Humidity and hot steam is a natural enemy of anything made of vinyl. Even exposing the tiles to the sun for too long can ruin the vinyl.

Just ask your mom or dad. If they once had had vinyl records and left them out in the sun, there’s no way to fix vinyl records after getting them too warm or humid.

What Happens When a Steam Mop Cleans Vinyl Floors?

It’s not enough to say vinyl flooring does not go well with steam mops.

You need to know what will happen when you turn on that mop and start cleaning your floors.

The average steam mop heats water inside a chamber and the temperature can reach up to 250°F. This temperature is far too high for vinyl to withstand.

Also, you could destroy the flooring if you accidentally drop boiling water on your vinyl floors.

When the hot steam comes into contact with the vinyl flooring, it will destroy the vinyl seal on the floor. The moisture will seep into the core of the tile.

Because the sealant on the vinyl tiles is destroyed, mildew, dirt, and any liquids that fall on the floor from regular use will now seep into the tiles and stay there.

In a few weeks, your vinyl floors will stink and begin to grow mold.

Which Mops Are the Best for Vinyl Floors?

There are plenty of other types of mops that can clean your vinyl tiles so your floor shines like new.

Spray Mops

Spray mops are growing more popular because you don’t have to drag around a bucket of water with you.

Just load the soapy water into the compartment chamber on the mop and wet the floor as you go.

People who have health issues or don’t have much energy at the end of the day can use their electric mops without exhausting themselves.

You can even warm the water slightly.

However, spray mounts are not good for taking out really tough stains. So if you have a spray mop, then be sure to mop often.

Electric mops

Electric Mops

Electric mops are another remote to use on vinyl floors. Even though electric mops spin, they don’t get hot and they don’t use hot water.

The friction from the spinning can loosen and wipe away any caked-on dirt, grime, oil, or food particles.

The downside to using an electric mop is that they are loud and they require electricity. So you can’t use an electric mop at night or you will wake up everyone.

How to Make Vinyl Floors Shine and Sparkle Like New

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. Just wipe away any dirt or dropped food with a wet paper towel.

Vinyl tiles are much easier to clean than hardwood or porcelain tiles.

Even if you drop spaghetti sauce, red wine, or food dye, these food substances will not leave behind any stains or residue.

The surface of the vinyl is coated with a sealant, which is why they’re so easy to clean.

However, vinyl floors are not known for their shine or beauty. So how can you make a vinyl floor shine like a beautiful porcelain tile?

To make vinyl floors shine, you’ll need the help of some vinyl flooring polish. The best type of polish to use on vinyl flooring is either polish design for hardwood floors or high gloss polish.

You can also use baking soda to polish the floors.

High Gloss Polish

Do not apply polish with the same mop that you used to clean the floor.

Only apply the polish when the floor is clean and freshly mopped. First, pour the polish onto the floor. Use just a bit of polish at one time.

Then move the polish around in circular motions. Do not move the polish solution in a back-and-forth motion.

Baking Soda Polish

If you don’t have time to run to the store and you need to polish your floors within the hour, then fill a bucket with warm water and add some baking soda.

The baking soda should dissolve.

After sweeping off dirt and crumbs and cleaning dried stains, polish the floor with the baking soda mixture.

You have to bend down and get on your knees end with a washcloth or a scrap of cloth.

If you do not want to get on your hands and knees, then use a second mop to apply the polish. You probably know this, but never use polish to clean stained or dirt off of a vinyl floor.

Polish is to be applied to the flooring after it is clean.

Vinyl floor tiles

Should I Buy Vinyl Floor Tiles?

If you already have steam and you don’t have vinyl floors, then choose a different flooring material.

Buy flooring tiles that hold up against the heat and moisture of the steam mop.

The two best flooring materials that work well with steam mops are porcelain tiles and laminate tiles.

These two materials will not only be able to withstand the heat, the steam mop will make them shine as if they are brand new.

Conclusion to Using a Steam Mop on Vinyl

Do not use a steam mop on your vinyl floor. You should buy an electric mop or a spray mop instead.

A steam mop is far too hot, and the heat and humidity will damage the vinyl material.

To polish a vinyl floor, first make sure that the floor is clean and freshly mopped.

Then use a high-gloss polish or a baking soda polish. If you want to use a steam mop, then replace your vinyl floors with porcelain or laminate flooring.

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