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Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s?

Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s?

If you’re planning to shop at Home Depot or Lowe’s for home improvement projects or supplies, you might wonder if one retailer offers a better price than the other. However, the good news is that you might not have to choose between the two!

Home Depot and Lowe’s are known for offering competitive prices, and both retailers have historically provided price matching policies for identical items.

Historically, Home Depot has offered price matching policies for identical items sold by Lowe’s. However, it’s important to check with Home Depot’s current pricing policy and terms and conditions to confirm whether this still applies.

In this article, we’ll dive into whether Home Depot still price matches Lowe’s and what you should know about their policies.

Does Lowe’s price match Home Depot’s prices?

Yes, to assist you in finding the greatest prices on your home improvement products, Lowe’s does have a price-matching policy called Price Promise.

Lowe’s will match the lower price of the same item you discover at any Home Depot. 

However, Lowe’s won’t just match Home Depot’s pricing. They will also match pricing with any other local rivals, including those from stores like Harbor Freight, Ace Hardware, and others.

What is Lowe’s Price Promise?

A price-matching program known as Lowe’s Price Promise ensures that you will always pay the lowest price for similar goods, whether in-person or online. Lowe’s will match any lower price you discover at another retailer.

To receive the same price at Lowe’s, all you need is documentation of the lower price, such as a receipt, competitor’s advertisement, or website indicating the cheaper price.

The product must also be in stock and not on sale or clearance, and the competitor’s pricing must be for the same brand, model, and color.

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Does Home Depot match other store prices?

Home Depot does have a price-matching policy. The “Low Price Guarantee” policy, as they refer to it, enables customers to purchase goods at the same rate as a rival.

The Home Depot will match prices when a consumer discovers an identical product offered by another retailer for less money than it costs at Home Depot.

All the consumer needs to do is present the relevant advertisement, a printout of the price, or a picture as evidence.

To attain this guarantee, locate the desired item within the shop and bring it to the cashier to complete an in-store transaction. Ask for a price match by presenting the cashier with evidence of the price.

To ensure that the information is true and recent, the cashier may need to contact the rival that the advertisement is from.

It’s crucial to remember that the item must be an exact match and not only a comparable product. Regular prices are covered by the price match promise.

However, special sales are not!

This indicates that Home Depot would decline to match seasonal offers, such as those on Black Friday.

Does Home Depot’s price match other Home Depot prices?

For online sales, Home Depot shops will price-match, but not for in-store purchases.

The decision to match pricing with other Home Depot locations is upon the store manager at each single Home Depot site.

After making a purchase at Home Depot, is it possible to price match?

If a better offer becomes available between the time of the customer’s order and pickup, the price of the item they ordered online to pick up in-store will be modified.

Price matching is available at Home Depot, both in-store and online. Even the shipment expenses are included in online price matching, but the competitor in question must have to offer to ship to the customer’s location.

All claims for price matching must be made by the customer.

Home Depot offers excellent in-person and online buying assistance. If customers have any specific inquiries concerning particular examples of price-matching transactions, they can call them at 1-800-466-3337.

Does Home Depot’s price matching guarantee have any limitations?

Indeed, the conditions of the price matching guarantee are subject to a number of limitations. Customers are not eligible for price matching on any bulk or wholesale discount prices.

The same is true for goods that are made on order or customized. Furthermore, excluded from the warranty are any products that are open-box or reconditioned.

Moreover, clearance prices, special seasonal offers, and one-time-only discounts resulting from the closure of another shop are not covered.

Only products, not expert services, are covered by the price match. Customers cannot request a price match on the professional services provided by Home Depot, including plumbing repair and carpet installation.

In the event that the offered pricing is inaccurate or misprinted by the competitor, Home Depot has the right to refuse to fulfill the price match promise.

Prices linked to offers of credit or finance are likewise excluded from the guarantee.

Final Words on Home Depot Price Matching Lowe’s

To sum it up, both Home Depot and Lowe’s do offer a price-matching warranty called Low Price Guarantee and Price Promise, respectively.

Both of them will match each other prices given that the product, company, and color are the same.

Both these price match warranties, however, require a piece of evidence provided by the customer itself that proves that the same product is being sold at a lower price by the competitors. 

Additionally, products listed at a lower price by the competitors due to promotional, clearance, or one-time sales are not matched by Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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