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Does Home Depot Price Match?

Does Home Depot Price Match?

Hunting for bargains requires some serious due diligence, patience, and the ability to multitask.

Times are tough and finding the lowest price for the exact item you want will feel like you won the lottery!

But what if you didn’t have to search for the lowest price anymore? What if Home Depot allowed you to price match the exact item you want from one of its competitors and give you an even lower price?

Home Depot does have a price-matching service. If a customer finds an item at one of their competitor’s stores for a lower price, Home Depot will match that price for many products. However, the product cannot be on sale, and cannot be from an online-only retailer, and the customer has to also provide proof of the price difference.

With price matching, your search for the perfect price is over. No matter what price Home Depot’s competitors have on your perfect item, as long as they sell that item, they will make sure you are a happy customer.


Does Home Depot Price Match?

The battle for customer loyalty is serious in the retail world. The big box hardware stores are constantly in competition with one another.

Now, because of online retailers, they are also in competition with the internet! Places like Home Depot have to do everything they can to keep their customers while satisfying their shareholders.

When they make their customers happy, they can make those record profits. One of the most popular and profitable services at Home Depot is the price matching service.

It is a guarantee for all of their customers. If a customer finds an item at a lower price from one of their competitors, they will gladly match that price.

The main reason they have the price match guarantee is to ensure that their customers aren’t finding better prices at other hardware stores.

Here are the key requirements of Home Depot’s price-matching service guarantee:

  1. The item needs to be sold at one of their major competitors. Home Depot has many competitors, but there are some stores that they do not price match against.
  2. Also, the item that will be price matched must be the exact item. If a customer finds a 42-piece beginning vehicle tool set at Lowe’s for a cheaper price, and Home Depot sells that exact item for a higher price, the customer can show the price and the item to a manager in the tools department.

Then, the manager will either approve or deny the price match.

Since it is its own store, Home Depot will also match any item on its website if the in-store item is more expensive.

However, be aware that taxes can change the cost of in-store items.

Does Home Depot Give You a Discount?

Home Depot will also give you a discount if you’ve found a cheaper product elsewhere. They will price match plus give you an extra 10%, but only in Canada. These have the same promotion in the United States, but it ended in the middle of 2020.

The 10% price drop is the best feature of Home Depot’s price matching guarantee.

Most stores that implement price matching only match the exact price of the item. But Home Depot goes above and beyond.

Home Depot’s price match guarantee doesn’t just lower the price to the competitor’s price. It actually makes it 10% cheaper!

For example, let’s say a brand-new drill kit at Lowe’s costs $115. Home Depot carries the same kit, but it is priced at $132.

Both items are the same, and both prices were posted in the last 30 days.

If a customer shows the online or in-store lowest price to the manager of the Home Depot tool section, then the manager can approve a price match.

The new price will not be $115. It will actually be only $103.50!

Hopefully, the 10% bonus will come back to the US soon.

What Companies Will Home Depot Price Match?

There are many hardware stores and stores that have a hardware section. Home Depot price matches many of their major big-box competitors and other stores.

The Home Depot matches items from Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Home Hardware, Lamps Plus, Sears, Menards, and Target.

Home Depot also does price match small, independent stores. But proving an independent store has a lower price is more difficult.

If you can prove an independent store has a lower price, take as many pictures as possible and bring the sales page.

Home Depot will not price match items sold in online-only stores.

They do not price match tools and supplies from Amazon, eBay, or Groupon. They will also not price match items from Costco.

Price Matching Restrictions

What are the Restrictions of Home Depot’s Price Matching Guarantee?

The guarantee comes with a few restrictions. Here are all the restrictions in Home Depot’s price matching guarantee.


  • The item must be exactly the same in both stores. It cannot be a similar type of item from the same company but with a different feature. The only feature that might not qualify is the color. However, color will count if the item is a limited edition.
  • If a customer is price matching online shipping costs, the competitor’s store must be able to ship directly to the customer’s address. Also, Home Depot must be able to ship the item to the customer address.
  • The item from the competitor store must not be on sale. It must be the regular full price.
  • The price cannot be from more than 30 days ago. For example, if you purchase an item in January, but Home Depot has the same item for cheaper in May, the item will not qualify.
  • The sales tax will not be included as part of the price match. The same item will have different taxes because of laws in different cities and states.

The following is a list of items that do not qualify for price match guarantee:

  • Any items that are seasonal or made specifically for the holidays like Easter, Hanukkah, Christmas, 4th of July, etc.
  • Items that were discontinued by either the competitor or by Home Depot.
  • Items that were resold on a separate website. All items must be from the competitor’s store or online website.
  • Any item that is special one-time-only promotion.
  • Any item that has been refurbished or reconditioned
  • Professional services like insulation will not qualify for a price match guarantee.

Some customers believe that price matching also extends to credit limits and new credit cards.

They will try to go to a competitor and take out a credit line. Then they will go to Home Depot and try to open another credit line of equal or higher value.

But credit cards and any other financing options do not qualify for price match.

The credit line is determined by a few different factors, including the average credit amount Home Depot provides to new customers.

Will Home Depot Price Match Shipping Cost?

Online shopping is another major revenue stream for all kinds of retailers.

Home Depot has a user-friendly website that sells most of its in-store items online. There are even some services available through their online store as well.

Shipping costs are a major issue for all customers.

They could find the perfect item online at the perfect price and want to buy it immediately. But if the shipping cost is too much, then they’ll delete it from their cart.

If the cost of the item plus shipping is cheaper at a different store than Home Depot’s prices, the customer will end up purchasing the item from their competitor.

The full factor of costs is one reason Home Depot not only guarantees text matching for items but also for shipping costs.

Will Home Depot Price Match After Purchase?

Probably after reading out about the price match policy of home depot, you must be thinking, does home depot price match after you have made a purchase? Then the good news is yes, home depot will do a price match after purchase. 

However, you must remember that price protection is only available for a limited time period which is 30 days after the date of purchase, as stipulated by the price drop policy of Home Depot. 

Thus, if whatever you’ve bought goes on sale after you’ve paid for it, you can still get your money back with home depot’s price match policy after purchase. They will give you an amount that matches the difference to the price you paid initially and the price at which it is currently being sold.

Any time you purchase a product from Home Depot and a better offer appears within the next thirty days; you can return your purchase for a reimbursement of a few dollars.

Does Home Depot Refund Difference if Price Drops? 

Yes, as stated earlier, home depot has a price match policy of 30 days, which means you can get a refund for your item if the purchase date is within 30 days.

So, if an item you have purchased goes on sale after you have already paid for it, you can hand in your receipt and get your money back.

Your account will receive a credit for the amount equal to the difference between the price you originally paid and the price that is now on sale.

Conclusion to Home Depot Price Matching

Yes, Home Depot does price match many of their items. The item has to be from one of their qualifying competitors and be a qualifying product.

There are a few exceptions on their price matching guarantee, like the item must not be on sale and it must be the exact item.

Besides price matching the product, Home Depot also price matches the online shipping cost.

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