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Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

When it comes to finding the best deals on home improvement products, savvy shoppers might compare prices between retailers like Home Depot and Costco. If you find a product at Costco that you’re interested in, you may wonder if Home Depot offers a price match policy.

Yes, Home Depot typically offers price matching policies for identical, in-stock items sold by Costco. However, it’s advisable to check Home Depot’s current pricing policy and terms and conditions to confirm the specifics of its price matching policy.

Now if you’re thinking if you have made a purchase and found something at Costco at a lower price, then you can still ask for a refund. In this article, we’ll explore whether Home Depot price matches Costco and what you should know about their policies!

Will Home Depot Match Costco Pricing?

Home Depot does have a policy for matching competitors’ prices. Home Depot, however, particularly matches Costco’s prices. You can typically select between these two retailers for your shopping needs because Costco is one of Home Depot’s top rivals for wholesale goods megastores. 

The price match policy that Home Depot provides to its devoted customers is exceptionally generous and valid for both in-store and online purchases. Home Depot will match Costco’s pricing on comparable products. 

Consumers can obtain the price matched by bringing documentation of a cheaper price, such as a digital or printed advertisement. To get your refund, you should get in touch with the Customer Service Team for items. However, if you make a request for in-store items, then you can also get an additional 10% discount. 

Nearly all of the store’s merchandise, including those in the home improvement, hardware, and other categories, are covered by the policy, and it extends to nearly all of the store’s most popular brands.

Except for this, the policy does not apply to specific product categories, such as those offered in clearance sales, customized items, etc.

Who Will Price Match Home Depot 

Here’s a list of superstores that price matches home depot. 

1- Ace Hardware

The majority of Ace Hardware businesses are privately owned, and many of them will happily match prices.

Ask around or conduct a fast Google search to find out whether the Ace in your neighborhood has prices comparable to those at Home Depot and Lowe’s. If so, they almost certainly adhere to these rules:

Simply bring in their most recent ad, and they’ll match their price if you locate an identical product for less at your neighborhood Lowe’s or Home Depot. If home depot or Lowe’s are giving a percentage off, they will match the ultimate net price the rival is giving.


Labour costs, special orders, closeouts, discontinued goods, clearing or damaged goods, and liquidation.

2- Menards

You may be overspending if you frequently purchase items at Menards but don’t compare prices with competitors Lowe’s and Home Depot. So, if you are looking for a lower price, then you should talk to their customer’s sales service and ask for a refund. 

Their price match policy includes buying identical goods that must be purchased in terms of size, brand, quality, flavor, color, etc.

However, Menards maintains the right to impose a reasonable’s quality cap for price matches. 


Advertisements in which it is impossible to establish the price, advertisements from rival businesses not located in the same area as the store, and “going out of business” specials or “closing out” prices.

3- Target

Target’s growing selection of tools, hardware, and DIY materials led us to include it on our list of stores that price matches home depot. To obtain your price match, you must know the following.

Target will match the prices at 29 online retailers, including Lowes and Home Depot, as well as those of the big names in the U.S. For price matching, the item purchased must be a replica of the original product, right down to color and weight.

They have a 7-day price match guarantee that applies to all their online purchases made before midnight. 


For a price match, the goods purchased do not include sale types, closeout, refurbished goods, damaged goods, open packages, and liquidation sales. 

4- Walmart

Not to be overlooked is Walmart, which has a decently stocked department for DIY supplies, paint, and hardware in most of its stores. Make sure to request a price match if these items can be found for less at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Lowe’s and Home Depot are of course, included in the list of local brick-and-mortar competitors that Walmart will match prices with.

For the convenience of the price match, you DO NOT require the advertisement. For them, the items must be utterly identical. However, there is only one price match per day and item.


BOGO products and items in the clearance section.

Who Price Match Costco Appliances 

Now you know which stores price match home depot. Let’s take a look at some stores that price match Costco.

1- Best Buy

They do match the pricing of Warehouse Clubs, per the website, provided that the Warehouse Club is indeed a nearby retail rival, has an equal instantly obtainable product, and satisfies all other price match requirements.

2- Home Depot

The website states that they would match any local retailer’s lower price for a comparable, in-stock item and beat it by 10%.

And the best part of this is price matching applies to online as well as in-store purchases!

3- Lowe’s

Just like home depot, Lowe’s will also knock 10% off Costco’s rates.

The company’s website states that it will beat any local retail competitor’s everyday pricing on an identical item by 10% if the customer brings in the competitor’s most recent advertisement.

Other than this, Sears, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us also price-match Costco. 

Final Words on Home Depot Price Matching Costco

If you find an identical item at Costco for a cheaper price, Home Depot will honor the lower price and issue a price adjustment for the difference.

Customers can request a price match in-store or online with verification of the lower Costco price, provided the item is in stock and listed in the country’s currency.

However, remember that evidence of a cheaper price can be an advertisement, a printout, or a screenshot of the product listed on a rival’s advertisement or website.

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