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Does Home Depot Price Match Wayfair?

Does Home Depot Price Match Wayfair?

Wayfair and Home Depot are both popular retailers for home improvement and decor items, and shoppers may want to compare prices between the two before making a purchase. If you find a product at Wayfair that you like, you might wonder if Home Depot offers a price match policy.

While Home Depot typically offers price matching policies for identical items sold by their competitors, including Wayfair, it’s advisable to check Home Depot’s current pricing policy and terms and conditions to confirm the specifics of their price-matching policy.

In this article, we’ll explore whether Home Depot price matches Wayfair and what you should know about their price matching policies.

Does Home Depot match other store prices?

As mentioned above, yes, when provided proof of any other retailer offering the same product for less, Home Depot does offer a price match.

They not only match the competitor’s pricing but also beat it by 10%. To register for validation, you must bring the advertisement, printout, or image of the rival’s offer.

You can also ask for a price match with any other competitor selling the same item for less when purchasing online at Unfortunately, contrary to in-store purchases, Home Depot does not offer 10% off the competitor’s prices. 

However, it is possible that some Home Depots won’t match online pricing from other retailers, including This decision to price match will ultimately be up to the store manager’s choice.

Limitations of Home Depot’s price matching policy:

The Home Depot price matching to Wayfair’s and other competitor’s prices do have some restrictions you need to be aware of.

  • The product needs to be the same in both stores. It cannot be a similar product but with a different feature. However, in the case of a different color for the same product, exceptions can be made. But if it’s a limited edition, the color will be taken into account.
  • The price match policy does not apply to products that were retired by either the rival or Home Depot.

  • The competitor’s business must be able to ship straight to the client’s address if a consumer is price-matching online shipping rates. Further, Home  Depot also has to be able to deliver the goods to the customer’s address.

  • Refurbished or reconditioned items are not qualified for the price match guarantee.

  • The item from the rival store can’t be on discount or sale. It must cost the full standard fee.

  • Easter, Hanukkah, Christmas, the Fourth of July, and other holiday-specific products are not eligible for price matching.

  • The price match will not include the required sales tax. Due to different rules in various towns and states, the same item will have various taxes.

  • The price match guarantee does not apply to items that were sold again on a different website.

  • Professional services, such as insulation, are not covered under price match guarantees.

  • The pricing shown as evidence can’t date back further than 30 days. For example, if you buy something in December and Home Depot sells it for less in October, your purchase won’t be eligible.

Does Home Depot match prices with Wayfair on Black Friday?

You may be surprised to know that, unlike most stores, Home Depot will still honor its price match policy on Black Friday.

This means that if you see a great deal at Wayfair on Black Friday, you can take it to Home Depot and they will not only match it, but they’ll also give you an extra 10% off.

This is where their policy pays off. You should try this next Black Friday as it’s one of the best days of the year to buy tools and hardware.

Does Lowe’s price match Wayfair?

The answer, as you would have guessed, is, yes!

Lowe’s does match their prices if Wayfair offers the same product at the same price. However, Lowe’s will not match the prices of Wayfair Open Box products or anything from the Wayfair sale or closeout categories.

All Wayfair retailers’ prices will be matched by Lowe’s. Lowe’s employees will assist you in obtaining the discount for the price difference, given that you have discovered Wayfair selling the same product at a lower price than Lowe’s.

When requesting a price match from Lowe’s, you must provide some type of documentation to verify the lower price. The printed ad in question, a picture of it, or a printout of it are all acceptable forms of proof. Another form of evidence is a lower price listing on Wayfair’s website.

The Lowe’s associate will give you a discount for the price difference after verifying that the offer is genuine, currently available, and in stock.

Final Words on Home Depot Price Matching Wayfair

To sum it up, yes, Home Depot does match its price with Wayfair, given that the product is of the same company, size and type and is listed at a lower price at Wayfair than Home Depot. However, the effort to prove the lower price at Wayfair has to be done by the customer itself.

Home Depot also offers 10% off when it matches the price of a product. This policy can become particularly useful during Black Friday as Home Depot does adhere to its Low price Guarantee policies.

Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s, on the other hand, also provides a price match with Wayfair’s prices.

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