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How Good Is Home Depot Paint Matching?

How Good Is Home Depot Paint Matching?

Finding the right paint color can be a struggle. But if you don’t search for the right paint color, you’ll never be satisfied with the painting job.

Plus, it is a major waste of money to buy a color that’s close to what you want, then months later buy the color that you’ve always wanted.

But if you use a paint matching service, you can choose any color from any item and the paint service can make it within hours.

Home Depot has a paint matching service and that can match nearly any color. Home Depot is known for their extensive paint department, meaning their paint matching is better than most others on the market.

Customers can use an app to color match and order online as well.

If you have the perfect color in mind, Home Depot can help you bring that color to life.

However, we suggest you visit the Home Depot store when it is not busy, or you will have to sit in a long line to get and receive your paint.

Paint Matching

How Good is Home Depot Paint Matching?

Gone are the days of customers visiting multiple hardware stores to find the perfect shade of paint.

Many hardware stores now offer paint matching services so their customers can find the perfect shade of paint on a single visit.

Home Depot also has one of these paint matching services. According to the average customer, Home Depot’s paint matching services are excellent.

What makes Home Depot’s paint matching service so good?

  • Home Depot has an entire paint department dedicated to creating beautiful paint colors. And the department has several services their customers can take advantage of.
  • Home Depot has an app that allows users to take pictures for paint matching.
  • Home Depot prices match any paint if the customer finds the same product for cheaper at a competitor’s store.
  • The new price will be 10% lower than the competitor’s.
  • Customers can also use the online store and app to purchase paint online.
  • If a customer chooses the wrong color, Home Depot will return and exchange the paint, as long as only a small amount was used.

The employees in the painting department will help any customer who does not know the right paint to purchase for their project.

The paint I wanted was far too shiny and would have made the room very bright. The room that was to be painted was a full sun room. If I had stuck with the type of paint I was originally looking for, anyone who walked into that room would have been blinded.

The employees in the paint department are knowledgeable. They can teach the customer on how to paint and about the tools required to paint furniture, exterior rooms like patios, and stucco or popcorn ceilings.

Home Depot

Does Home Depot Match the Paint Price?

Home Depot can match any color paint from any of their competitors. But what about the price of their paint?

Along with a paint match service, Home Depot also has a price match guarantee.

If customers find an item from one of their competitors that is lower than their own price, the store will adjust the price of the item to 10% lower.

For example, Lowe’s has a can of Benjamin Moore matte exterior and it cost $32.27. Home Depot also carries the same paint, but the price at Home Depot is $39.14.

The customer can show the paint and price to an employee at the Home Depot paint department.

Once the manager sees the price difference and approves the price change, the customer can buy the same can of paint at Home Depot for 10% less than the original price at Lowe’s. So, the price will not be $32.27, it will actually be $29.04.

Home Depot will also match an online price.

What if the customer already bought the can of paint?

If a customer purchases a can of paint on Wednesday the 3rd and finds the same exact can of paint 2 weeks later for a lower price, then Home Depot will refund the difference.

If the customer buys a can of paint from Home Depot for $27 and they find it later at Lowe’s for $24, then Home Depot will give them $3 back. But the competitor’s price must be from the last 30 days and it cannot be on sale.

What are the restrictions on Home Depot’s price match guarantee?

The price match guarantee is a great way to retain loyal customers, as they always know they can get the best price at Home Depot.

But the price match policy does have a few restrictions.

  • The price that they are matching must be within 30 days of the visit. Home Depot will not match the price from 6 months ago, for example.
  • The product cannot be on sale – Home Depot will only match full price products.
  • The product must be the exact product in both stores. Home Depot will not price not a similar product.

Will Home Depot Paint Match Online?

If you don’t have time to visit a store, then Home Depot has a service for online paint matching you can use.

Here is how their online paint matching service works:

  1. First, the customer must find a sample color from one of their competitors or from a picture. If a customer wants to submit a color from a picture, then they must download The Home Depot app and use the Home Depot ProjectColor service.

    The app offers a variety of colors to choose from. Besides the color selection, the customer can also take a picture of their desired color with the app and the app will analyze the color and show the user similar colors.
  2. After the customer finds their perfect color, they will have two options. They can either buy a large paint can or they can buy several small paint cans with different shades of their desired color. They can use the small paints to test and find the perfect color.
  3. Then, the customer can choose to pick up their paint inside of the store or have it delivered to them at their address. They can also have additional painting supplies delivered to them along with their paint.
  4. If there is an issue with a large paint can and it is not the right color, Home Depot will happily refund the money or exchange the paint for a different color.

    However, most of the paint stuff needs to be in the can. A customer cannot use half of the can of paint and expect it to be returned and refunded.

As mentioned above, Home Depot will not paint match any color that is from an online-only retailer.

So, a customer who wants paint from an online retailer will have to find the same color from Home Depot itself or from one of its competitors. After finding the paint, they can submit it to

Conclusion to Home Depot Paint Matching

Home Depot has a well rated and trusted paint matching service. Customers can use the Home Depot app to take a picture of the desired color or find a variety of other colors.

The paint color does not need to be from a paint sample. Not only does Home Depot paint match, but they will also price match the same paint if it is at a lower price than one of their competitors.

Home Depot’s paint section is extensive, meaning they can paint match almost anything with great success.

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