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Are Garage Doors Insulated?

Are Garage Doors Insulated?

We almost go nuts when energy utility bills arrive. Garage doors contribute significantly to the energy efficiency in our homes. Therefore, when shopping for one, you need to consider all different areas of the insulation – including if garage doors are insulated.

Garage doors come both insulated and uninsulated. Insulated garage doors are often more expensive and insulated by using materials such as polystyrene and polyurethane.

Keep reading to learn more about insulated garage doors!

Are Garage Doors Normally Insulated?

Garage doors are not normally insulated. Some homeowners are actually amused when they learn they can get an insulated door for their garages. 

But that does not mean these doors are rare in the market. It is a matter of how informed you are and how willing your contractor is to educate you about this.

An insulated door comes in handy if your main house has a shared wall with the garage. Such doors help control the temperature in the space, which helps reduce energy consumption costs.

With stand-alone garages, having an insulated door does not really make a difference, but insulating the entire structure and having an insulated door does.

So, if you just learned about these doors and intend to renovate your garage, you have to be keen on what specifically you want.

After learning about insulated garage doors, I bet you’d like to have one. Who wouldn’t want to have their power bills reduced? 

Because most of our garages share walls with our main homes, such investments are worth it. So, how do you tell if your garage door is insulated?

1. Layering

Garage doors are made of single, double, or triple layers. If yours has only one layer, it has not been insulated. With single-layered doors, you can easily see the panel’s design when inside or outside the garage.

Double- and triple-layered panes have spaces between the materials. When you look between the spaces of such doors, you will find a foam-looking material. That material is either polyurethane or polystyrene.

If your garage door has glass parts, the glass used to make those sections is double or triple glazed. The layering of glass and other materials used for making such doors minimizes heat loss and gain during different seasons.

Doors with triple glazing and layering provide the best insulation for your garage. The extra layer means more space for adding the insulating material. However, you might have to dig your pocket deeper for those features. 

2. Materials

Garage doors are commonly made of wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and composite wood. Each of these has an R-Value, which is used to determine the insulating efficiency. A high R-Value indicates high insulation.

However, since different manufacturers use different processes and materials, it is prudent not to depend on this value solely.  

For example, company A can be selling an insulated wooden door whose R-Value is 20. When you check the same door from company B, you find the R-Value is 18. 

The manufacturing process creates the difference. Otherwise, you will be receiving the same value from a door made from the same material. That is why you should consider other factors besides the R-Value.

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Pros and Cons of Insulated Garage Doors

Like any other thing, insulated garage doors have their advantages and disadvantages.


1. Energy-Efficiency

I think this is the major advantage of having an insulated garage door. With an insulated garage door, you can control the temperature inside that space. 

For example, during winter, it’s generally always cold outside. If you have an insulated door, the cold getting through into the house is reduced. 

The same principle applies to summer. As a result, it is unnecessary to keep your power on as you try cooling or heating the garage

And when the power is not constantly in use, it definitely reflects on your energy bill.

2. Reduces Noise from the Outside

If you’re using your garage as your home office or a place to spend some time alone, silence is a must. Unfortunately, you cannot control what people do in the neighborhood. 

By using an insulated garage door, you can minimize the noise by up to approximately 16 decibels!

With reduced noise levels, you can enjoy spending time in this space.

3. Protects Property

Although the garage is mainly used for parking vehicles, some people also use it to store their valuable items or work in. Whichever the purpose, your valuables can be damaged by harsh weather elements.

We have seen these doors help in controlling the temperatures in your garage. If you park your car in this space, you do not have to worry about dead batteries during winter, nor do you have to worry about faded items during summer.

4. Increases the House’s Value

Insulated garage doors can be considered a long-term investment. In fact, they’re one of the few upgrades to a home that is guaranteed to increase its value!

These doors are always beautiful, and installing one in your garage helps to make your house look expensive. The added value helps you place a higher quote when you decide to sell it. 


1. Expensive

Insulated garage doors can be rather expensive, depending on which one you end up going with.

Although you have several materials to choose from, the cost of buying and installing one is still high compared to the non-insulated ones. 

So, it is important to be financially prepared if you decide to have this project.

2. Can Be Ineffective

For your insulated garage door to be efficient, it must remain closed. 

Because it is easy to accidentally leave this door open, consider automating it. 

You can get downloadable apps to help you with such automation. Downloading one ensures you get notified each time your garage door remains open for a prolonged time.

If your garage door is old and makes you have ridiculous energy bills, it might be time to think about getting an insulated garage door. Insulated garage doors are available, and you can get one with your preferred material.

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