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How High Should A Bathroom Mirror Be Hung?

How High Should A Bathroom Mirror Be Hung?

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Need a look that is both modern and classy?

Well, you can achieve an elegant bathroom through your tiles and other fixtures, but until you fix your mirror at the right height, your look won’t come through. 

When hanging the mirror, the height matters a lot.

If you mess up the height of the mirror while hanging it, you will ruin the whole look of your mirror as well as your bathroom. 

The height of the mirror depends on the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, along with how tall you and your family members are, so you are comfortable to look at the mirror. Also keep in mind most mirrors are hung at least 6 inches above the vanity in order to create a splash guard from the sink.

Read on to learn how to figure out the perfect height for your bathroom mirror.

Why Does The Mirror Height Matter?

If you are a tall person who always has to squat while doing your makeup or shaving in the morning, you will understand the importance of hanging the mirror at the right height. 

Just as the width, the height of the mirror in your bathroom is very important. In fact, these both are co-dependent to make the bathroom look symmetrical and balanced.

How would you like to have a mirror that cuts the top of your head off? 

If you can’t control the height where you have to hang your mirror, buy a taller mirror. This will solve the problem of hanging the mirror at the right height. 

Mirror height

Bathroom Mirror Height

When hanging the mirror in your bathroom, the first thing you need to consider is the height of the people who would be using this bathroom.

You wouldn’t want the tallest person to crouch down to use the mirror every time.  As a mirror is the focal point of any bathroom, you need to be careful while hanging it.

If it’s a bathroom that is used daily, you need to be mindful of the height of all the people who would be using it.

However, if you aren’t sure about the height of the people who would be using the bathroom, there are other tips that can help you hang the mirror at the right height.

The first tip is to hang the mirror at the eye level of the user. That way, you will have a foot above and below your face to see the whole of your face and a bit of your torso. 

If your mirror is lower than your eye level, the angle will not sit right.

Apart from the reflection ending at your head, you will also mess up the lighting of your reflection.  

Consider The Vanity When Hanging Your Mirror

Most people like a mirror above their sink to help them get ready in the morning.

Use your vanity as your height guide for the mirror. 

So, the height of the mirror mainly depends on the height of your vanity. Usually, the mirror is 6″ to 10″ above the faucet so that it stays splashproof. 

Light Fixtures

If you have an existing light fixture above your sink or on either side of your sink, you need to consider them as well when hanging your mirror.

You need to center your mirror according to the light fixtures to maintain balance and symmetry. 

Mirror Shape And Size

When determining the height of the mirror, you should keep the shape and size of the mirror in your mind as well.

The shape and size of the mirror may come last when hanging your mirror, but they both are important factors and play a vital role in making your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing. 

For example, if you are hanging a circular or an oval mirror, the lowest part of the curve should be aligned with the top of the faucet.

All mirrors, regardless of their shape and size, should be hung at the eye level of the user.

This will make sure that the user is as comfortable as they can be while gazing in the mirror. 

A Mirror Should Always Be Centered

Imagine your sink and mirror with different center points: doesn’t that seem off? If you want your bathroom to look balanced, you need to keep your sink and mirror aligned.

To make your life easier while hanging the mirror, have a vanity light above your sink.

This way, you can have your mirror between the sink and the lights and you can easily space it.

However, if there is no light to accommodate you, you can use the general rule of 5-10 inches between the mirror and the facet. 

Use the faucet as your guide if you find it hard to center your mirror. That will help you hang the mirror right where it should be. 

Bathroom mirror


Apart from hanging mirrors over vanity or sinks, people use mirrors as decorative wall mounts as well.

Here, the same rule of the eye-level applies.

However, if you aren’t sure about that, you can always hang the decorative mirror 7-8 feet above the ground. This measurement covers the average height. 


What should be the ideal height of the light above the mirror be?

  • If you have a simple lamp above your sink, you should have it 80 inches from the ground. This is the average measurement. 

What should be the height of the medicine cabinet be? 

  • If you are thinking of installing a medicine cabinet with your mirror, you should hang it around 64 inches from the floor. 

Bottom Line for Hanging a Bathroom Mirror

With so many types of mirrors available in the market, finding the one you desire is hard, but what’s harder is hanging them at the perfect level.

Make sure you take into account the height of the people living with you, along with the height of the sink and any other light fixtures.

This will help you figure out the perfect height for your bathroom mirror.

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