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How To Choose A Bathroom Mirror?

How To Choose A Bathroom Mirror?

Let’s discuss the process behind choosing a bathroom mirror.

This may not be a big thing to a lot of people, but those who know even a little about design and lighting in a bathroom would know how important this subject is. 

Choosing the right accessories for your bathroom can make or break the aesthetic look of the whole space. A mirror is often looked over.

However, if you want your bathroom or toilet to look pleasing and sightly, you need to pay more importance to such details as buying the right mirror. 

When choosing a mirror to your bathroom, take into account the size, color, and storage options mirrors can provide. These will all impact the overall design of your bathroom.

Here’s how you choose a mirror to enhance the look of your bathroom. 

Sizing Is Everything

Balance is everything when decorating a small space like a bathroom. Hence, the size of your mirror often matters more than the design of the mirror.

You’d need a mirror that fully covers your reflection and is pleasing to look at, but not big enough to overpower the whole space. 

Apart from the mirror being large or small, you should keep an eye on the width of your vanity. The edges of the mirror shouldn’t exceed the boundaries of the vanity.

So, when choosing a mirror, you need two measurements: the wall and the vanity. If there are any fixtures above the vanity, be mindful of that as well.

Moreover, if there are any windows, you will need to keep that in consideration too. 

If you are looking for symmetry and balance, make sure you purchase the vanity and the mirror as a set. This will also ensure that your mirror and vanity are of the same width.

If you are out of luck and there is no mirror that matches your vanity size, you can go with something that comes 80% close to the size of your vanity.

A slightly smaller mirror often looks very modern.

Make Sure To Pick The Right Height

Moreover, when it comes to the size of the mirror, you need to take the height into consideration as well.

For the height, think about the people who would be using the mirror.

The height of the mirror should be about a foot above and below the eye level of the tallest person in the house. 

There should also be a 6 inch gap between the lower line of the mirror and the faucet so that the mirror stays splash-proof.

If you have a choice, always go for a tall mirror, since it can really make a small space look bigger. 

For a small bathroom, a wall-to-wall mirror is a great fixture, as they make even the tiniest bathroom look spacious. 


Choosing The Design Of Your Mirror

Let Your Creative Side Shine

Design comes next when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. You need to be careful yet creative.

You can either match the design of your bathroom or be bold and choose an accent mirror that becomes the center of attention. 

Your creativity also depends upon the size of your vanity. You can be more creative with a large vanity.

So, if you are remodeling the whole space, choose a large vanity so that you can choose a more creative mirror for your bathroom. 

Creativity can come with the size, design, and colors of the mirror. Always remember the bigger the mirror, the more light it reflects.

If you have more than one sink, you can either get two of the same design or one big mirror that covers the whole wall. 

Be Bold With Mirrors to Create a Statement

When choosing a new mirror for your bathroom, you can definitely create a statement. For that, you will need to be a bit bold and leave the conventional designs behind.

A starburst gold design with a dash of white or black makes for the perfect statement piece if you have a monochrome bathroom. 

If you have a traditional bathroom, you can make it look different and unique by removing the spartan mirror and replacing it with a differently shaped and vibrant mirror.

For example, for a blue bathroom, you can go for a round mirror with seashell detailing. This will give your bathroom an oceanic theme. 


Why does the color matter? Well, most mirrors come with frames that are thin or thick.

With thin frames, the color may not matter much, but with a wide rim, you need to be considerate of the color you are choosing. 

You can either go with the color that matches your bathroom theme or choose the opposite color on the color wheel to create a beautiful contrast.

For example, if you have an orange bathroom, you can choose blue tones to contrast the orange and create a pop of color. 

Think About Storage Options

For a smaller bathroom, you can add extra storage by choosing a mirror with a concealed shelve or a mirror that comes with shelves around it.

This can be great for bathrooms with a small sink with no counter space. You can easily keep your makeup, shaving supplies, or even medications around the mirror or inside the mirror cabinet. 

This is a great way to create more storage space in your bathroom so it doesn’t become cluttered with things around the sink or piled into the shower.

Summing Up Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

All in all, choosing a mirror for your bathroom is an integral part of designing the bathroom space.

Even if you are designing the guest bathroom, it’s important that it looks as good as the other rooms of your house. 

Take into account the design, color, and sizing when you’re choosing a new mirror for your bathroom.

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