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How to Hang Curtains On an Arched Window

How to Hang Curtains On an Arched Window

When you are done observing the outside scenery, you need to cover your windows so no one on the sidewalk can see into your home. You need privacy! But instead of rectangular or square windows, you have arched windows. How can you cover arched windows?

Covering an arched window with curtains is not much different from covering a regular window. Instead of hanging curtains directly above the window pane, you’ll have to attach a rod to the wall and hang the curtains that way. If you’re someone who loves to do DIY projects around the house, installing a curtain rod isn’t too hard.

By hanging curtains on a rod, it’ll be easier for you to change out the curtain when you want to add a new one. It will also make it easier to replace the rod in case it breaks.

There are specialty curtain rods for arched windows, but those specialty curtain rods cost much more than regular curtain rods.

How to Hang Curtains Over Arched Windows

The arch on each window adds personality and charm to the exterior of the house, and you wouldn’t trade them for any other type of window.

Arched windows are wider and longer than regular windows, so you will need curtains, or anyone walking on the sidewalk or driving down the road can look into your living room.

So how can you hang curtains on an arched window? It depends on the layout of the arched window.

Separated Arched Window

The first type of arched windows is separated into two parts, these square sections of the window and the arched section above it. These two sections do not meet, but the arch sits above the window.

Separated Arched Window
For this type of window, you can place a rod between the square or rectangular window and the arched window. But, when you cover the windows with the curtains, only the bottom square or rectangular window will be covered. 

The arched window will not be covered. However, covering the arched window is not a problem, as no one will see into your living or dining room.

Complete Window

The second type of arched window is a complete arched window, where the square section and the arched section of the window are connected.

For this window, installing the curtain rod in the right area is a tricky concept. For this type of window, place the curtain rod mount between the top of the window arch and the ceiling.

Do not place the curtain rod perfectly between the middle of the arch and the ceiling. The rod needs to be close to the ceiling. The rod should not touch the window arch; it must be above the window frame.

Arch Only Window

The last type of arched window is a window that is only an arch. It has no square or rectangular shape below it.

An arched window is also known as a radius window. There are two ways to hang curtains on the radius window. You can either install a rod over the window and hang curtains like you would a regular window or you can install a radius curtain rod and purchase radius style curtains.

Do I Need to Hire a Handyman to Hang Curtains?

You can hire a handyman to hang curtains over your arched windows if you do not want to do it yourself. But installing a curtain rod and hanging curtains is actually a fairly simple process.

If you’re a DIY type of person and you have experience doing some handiwork around your home, then you can do this project.

What Equipment Do I Need to Hang Curtains on An Arched Window?

Here’s what you’ll need to hang curtains over your arch windows:

  • Nails
  • Curtains – when selecting curtains, you don’t want a curtain that is in one piece and you don’t want it to be the exact size of the window.
  • The curtain must be in 2 to 4 pieces and should extend 3 inches past the curtain on both sides. The curtain must be 6 inches longer than the window, at the very least.
  • A long curtain rod – The curtain rod should be at least six inches wider than the window itself
  • A radius curtain rod
  • The curtain rod mounts
  • Leveler
  • Safety goggles
  • Ladder

Measure Before Driving to the Hardware Store

If you do not know which curtains or which curtain rod and mount to purchase, then ask someone at the hardware store. They have the experience and knowledge you need and can help you with all of your curtain hanging needs.

But, before you go to the hardware store, measure the width and the height of the windows. Measure the very middle of the window at the top of the arch.

You also need to measure the height of the ceiling from the floor. This will make it easier for people at the hardware store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, to help you find the right curtain rod and mount.

Best Curtains for Arched Windows

Arch Windows aren’t normal windows that you would find in a bedroom. Contractors usually place an arched window in the living room or dining room or in the sunroom.

They’re arched to allow as much light as possible into the room; it is likely that the room with the arched windows is facing the sun. If the windows are facing the sun, then you will want Sun resistant fabric for your curtains.

Conclusion to Hanging Curtains on an Arched Window

For arched windows, a person can either place a rod over or underneath the arch and hang curtains from the rod itself, or they can install a radius curtain rod and hang radius curtains from the rod.

Before heading over to the hardware store, be sure to measure the width and length of the arch window and the radius of the arched window.

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