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How To Make Vinyl Plank Floors Shine?

How To Make Vinyl Plank Floors Shine?

Vinyl plank flooring is enduring and maintains its quality over time. However, making sure they retain their shine over time can be difficult. How do you make sure your vinyl plank floors shine?

Some of the best ways to make your vinyl plank floors shine are to make sure you clean them often and properly. This usually means utilizing dish soap, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar in your cleaning solution.

So without further ado, let us look at these details.

Home Items That’ll Make Your Vinyl Plank Shine

A few home items you can utilize to make sure your vinyl floors stay as good as new include:

Home Items That’ll Make Your Vinyl Plank Shine As New
  • ​Clean water
  • ​Any kind of dish soap
  • ​A brush
  • Scrubber
  • Sponge mops or clean cotton
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Baby oil or mineral oil 
  • Floor stripper solution

How To Revive Your Dull Plank Floors

To polish your vinyl planks, you have two options available. A commercial cleaner that should be followed by its instructions or a homemade polishing solution either made up of these 3:

1. Baking soda

2. Homemade Alcohol

3. Vinegar

You must pick a suitable polishing solution despite vinyl plank flooring being durable. The protective coating of your vinyl floor might peel off with harsh chemicals, leaving it more susceptible to scratches and stains. 

Vacuum and dry clean the floor to remove all dust and then wipe it with a cleaner or an apple cider vinegar solution for an excellent finish. Clear out the area before cleaning to make the procedure easier. A clean plank will eventually start looking neat and shiny. 

Things To Avoid While Cleaning Your Planks

After taking care of the essentials, it is also crucial that you know what items to avoid.

Excessive Water Amount

 If your floor is oversaturated with water, moisture can enter the joints, cracks, and edges and weaken the bonding power of the glue. Never simply splash water on the ground, use it in small amounts.

The Wrong Cleaners

You can use commercial cleaners designed specifically for vinyl sheets or apple cider vinegar if you are low on budget. In one gallon of hot water, add a cup of apple cider vinegar to remove all the grime and dust without leaving any residue. 

If you stain your vinyl planks, use a natural method of baking soda and water to remove them. 

​Harsh Materials 

Never use ammonia, a beater bar on your vacuum, or rough cleaning agents to clean your vinyl planks as they damage the polish.

Soap Residue

​The whole point of cleaning your floor in the first place is defeated if there is soap scum on it since it invites filth hence you must wash


You should also be aware that your floor does not require waxing. Therefore, it's crucial to purchase cleaners devoid of wax. You can discover solutions that restore the appearance with a sealer or polish that is intended for no-wax floors even if your floor loses some of its gloss. 

If you were to use a wax product on a no-wax floor, it wouldn’t stick to the surface very well and it would only create a huge mess for you to clean up.

How To Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Vinyl? 

The first step to keep your vinyl sheets neat and polished is to keep the dirt out. One effective method to prevent dirt is to place a floor mat. Make sure your family uses the floor mat you have by the door to keep your sheets clean.

Sweeping frequently is another approach to keep your floor clean right away. Your floor may become more difficult to clean if debris and filth are left there to accumulate over time.

Sweep regularly and keep those doormats or area rugs close at reach to prevent your floor from becoming contaminated with hazardous grit and grime.

If you stain your vinyl planks, use a natural method of baking soda and water to remove them. Choosing the right cleaner is important because it should not harm the protective layering of your planks.

Final Words on Making Your Vinyl Plank Floors Shine

Your floor remains in good shape if you sweep or mop it regularly, pick up any debris, don’t use large amounts of water, and use the proper products. Pick a few activities to accomplish every week to make sure you stay ahead of the dirt.

Vinyl planks are the easiest floors to clean on the market. You just need to adopt and leave a few habits to make your planks last long.

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