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How To Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains

How To Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Shutters are a great innovation and they allow you to choose the amount of light you want. On the contrary, curtains also look quite elegant, and you have many colors and designs to choose from. But how about pairing your shutters with curtains? Do they look good?

Plantation shutters and curtains can go nicely together. However, when it comes down to pairing them, there are a few factors that you must consider, including which shade to choose for your curtain, the desired length, the type of hooks, and whether you’ll keep your curtain open or closed. 

Read on to learn more about what factors you must look at before pairing your plantation shutter with curtains and how to hang curtains with plantation shutters.  

Can You Mix Plantation Shutters and Curtains?

There are a lot of different factors to think about when deciding whether or not plantation shutters and the curtains can coexist. To make things easier for you, we have included some suggestions you should consider before selecting your curtain or shutter shade.

Will the addition of curtains and shutters detract from the design of your space? Layering, for instance, probably doesn’t go well with contemporary minimalism

Layering gives dimension to your window, but it also means more window treatments to clean. Plantation shutters are simple to maintain, while curtains tend to draw and collect dust

Typically, plantation shutters are available in neutral hues like brown and white. Therefore, use vibrant curtains to contrast the bland shutters. This might provide a splash of color to the space.

If you use the plantation shutter to your advantage, this layered effect can provide texture to a space. For instance, sheer curtains rarely contrast well with heftier faux-wood plantation shutters. However, a medium-weight cotton curtain, particularly one with a subtle design, will look great with the shutter.

Similar to layering your clothing, choosing the wrong curtains and plantation shutters can result in an unattractive, clunky, or mismatched appearance. Fortunately, curtains can be simply taken down to reveal the lovely faux wood or oak plantation shutters

What Kind of Curtains Go With Plantation Shutters?

When choosing the curtains, you must consider what theme you want in your home. Do you want it cozier or want a more modern look? Figuring out your style will give you an answer to what kind of curtains will go with your plantation shutters. 

However, deciding on the colors of your shutters and curtains can be one of the most challenging decisions. Here are a few techniques to help:

What kind of curtains goes with plantation shutters?

If you want an inviting look and feel, then closely matched plantation shutters and curtains (neutrals, for example) can make the space lighter and airier. On the other hand, bolder, contrasting colors will bring attention to the window and create a cozier atmosphere. 

If you are decorating a large space and want to utilize a variety of colors or patterns, you might think about selecting a shutter in a darker hue than the curtain fabric. The use of a shutter in a darker color will assist in drawing attention to your windows.

As a general guideline, you should always choose your curtains after you have selected your shutters. You can select a more intricate or eye-catching design without the appearance of a congested area because curtains were typically drawn in the past.

When using shutters and curtains together, you can follow certain general guidelines to ensure your space always looks attractive, such as using high-quality drapes that are neither transparent or opaque and typically choosing floor length.

Certain situations may benefit from sheer or see-through curtains. However, an opaque addition, for example, can appear exquisite and soften your environment even if you never intend to close the curtains and only use them as decor.

How to Hang Curtains With Plantation Shutters?

Here’s how you can hang curtains with plantation shutters:

  1. Start by measuring the window width.
  2. Next, open the plantation shutter by tilting them until the slats are parallel to the still.
  3. Multiply the window width measurement by 2. This is done to calculate the required curtain rod length.
  4. Measure the depth of the protruding slats from the step, and add 2 inches to that number to get the minimal curtain rod you need. Choose a rod with a three-inch return if the depth of your slat does not exceed the depth of the window frame molding.
  5. Choose a curtain rod that is the same length as in step 3 and has the same return as in step 4. Select a curtain rod without finials if there is little space on either or both of the window’s sides
  6. Choose a curtain rod hanging height midway between the top of the window casing and the base of the ceiling casing.  Depending on the curtain rod, mark and install the brackets following the manufacturer’s instructions
  7. If you are not using floor-length curtains, start measuring from the top rod to the floor or where you would like the curtain to fall
  8. Now, buy two light-to-medium weight drapes with the length specified in step 7. Having enough fullness to appear beautiful and hang properly with either open or closed require that the length of each panel to be equal to the width of the window in step 1
  9. If you intend to open or close your curtains, pick ones with tie tops, tab tops, sew or clip-on rings, or back tabs. However, if you don’t intend to keep the curtains open at all times, you should stay away from rod pockets
  10. Take the curtain rod out of the brackets, then fasten any finial. Curtains with tap tops, rear tabs, or ties can be slid onto the rod. Ring-style curtains should be clipped or sewn to the rings before sliding them onto the pole
  11. Last but not least, whenever the curtains are open, place the inner edge, also known as the leading edge of each panel, in the middle of the window frame on its corresponding side. To freely open the shutters, the curtains should be kept out of the way of the hinges. 

Final Words on Pairing Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Your space can appear cozier and more inviting if you have curtains and shutters installed. If you are having trouble and are unsure how to mix plantation shutters with curtains, then you should read this tutorial to gain better insights. 

To summarize, before pairing, all you need to do is think about the overall look and sensation you want to achieve. Following that, decide what color you want your curtains to be.

If your shutters are white, as a general rule, you should select more neutral hues like brown, cream, or beige for the rest of the house. Choose colors with more vibrancy, on the other hand, to create the impression of warmth and invitation.

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