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Does Lowe’s Cut Glass?

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass?

There are several reasons you may need to have your glass cut. You may need to have a sheet of glass cut to fit a window or mirror, or maybe you ordered a sheet of glass that does not meet your needs.

Custom-cut glass can be a lifesaver for most home remodels, renovations, and DIY projects, as you do not have to worry about the sheet being too big or too small for your project.

It never hurts to look into a professional glass-cutting service at a well-known store, such as Lowe’s. Of course, you want to ensure Lowe’s can cut your glass before you make the trip to the store.

Lowe’s offers a glass-cutting service in many of their stores at little to no cost. This is perfect for staying within your budget while having your glass professionally cut.

Can You Have Glass Cut At Lowe’s?

While Lowe’s can cut glass and some other materials, the staff can only cut sheets that were purchased from Lowe’s itself. Also, if the glass breaks during the home renovation process, Lowe’s can only replace a glass sheet purchased from their store.

Luckily, you can choose from a wide range of custom-cut sheets for your project.

The staff will only cut your glass sheets in a straight line, rather than at an angle or curve.

You may need to visit another store, look into pre-cut sheets, or purchase a glass-cutting tool for angled or curved cuts.

What Types Of Glass Does Lowe’s Cut?

You can ask Lowe’s to cut different types of glass for your home improvement project. The list includes acrylic, clear, colored, frosted, mirrored, textured, and plexiglass.

Lowe’s can also cut glass sheets with a thickness of 1/8 inch or 3/32 inches.

Keep in mind that the staff can only cut the height and width of a sheet of glass. They cannot alter the thickness of your glass sheet.

How Much Does It Cost To have Glass Cut At Lowe’s?

The cost of using a glass-cutting service at Lowe’s depends on the size of the sheet.

Some stores do not charge for a simple glass-cutting job, but you may need to pay a small fee for a more difficult job. Luckily, some locations only charge about $5 to have your glass cut in the store.

Remember, this is in addition to the cost of the glass sheet purchased online or in-store from Lowe’s.

It is worth the small fee to have your glass sheets professionally cut to your preferred size.

Will Lowe’s Cut To A Mirror Size?

Lowe’s will cut mirror-sized glass to your preferred size, but the staff only cuts mirrors bought from the store. In most cases, the store cuts the mirror to your preferred size for free.

Remember, Lowe’s can only cut your mirror in a straight line. You cannot have your mirror cut at an angle or curve in the store.

Where Else Can You Get Glass Cut?

In addition to Lowe’s, you can have your glass cut at Ace Hardware for $2 per cut. You can purchase acrylic glass in the store or bring your own sheet to have cut at Ace Hardware.

Another option is to check with your local hardware or glass store to see if these places offer an in-store glass-cutting service.

Home Depot does not offer a glass-cutting service, but you can purchase pre-cut sheets or glass-cutting tools from the store.

You can also purchase pre-cut sheets or glass-cutting tools from Lowe’s and Ace Hardware if. you opt to take on the job yourself.

cut edge of glass

Can You Cut Glass On Your Own?

If you have the skills and tools necessary for the job, you can cut the glass sheets on your own. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and other hardware or glass stores carry the tools for cutting glass sheets.

It is important to ensure you have the skills and experience for the job before attempting to cut your own glass. You do not want a mistake to cause an injury to anyone or damage to the glass or tools!

Keep in mind, a costly mistake may cause you to spend more money on a replacement glass sheet or new tools. You may also need to spend the extra money to use a professional glass-cutting service.

Reasons To Find Out If Lowe’s Cuts Glass In Advance

It is important to double-check the services before visiting any store to have your glass sheet cut. You want to avoid loading a sheet of glass in your vehicle only to find out Lowe’s or another store does not offer a glass-cutting service.

Another reason to check in advance is that you may need time to find another place that does cut glass. The last thing you want is a delay in your home improvement project.

Of course, you also need to check the policy on a store that offers these services.

For example, some places only offer glass cutting for sheets that were purchased from the store, just like Lowe’s does.

You can save yourself time and frustration by finding out if Lowe’s cuts glass in advance.

Conclusion on Having Your Glass Sheets Cut At Lowe’s

It is possible to have your glass sheets cut at a Lowe’s store. Of course, you can only have glass sheets cut if they were bought in-store or online from Lowe’s.

The store offers a glass-cutting service at little to no cost, but this depends on the difficulty level of the job.

Lowe’s offers a glass-cutting service for materials ranging from acrylic glass to frosted glass. The staff can only cut the pieces in a straight line instead of at an angle or curve.

You also have the option of cutting the glass yourself, but you should only cut your glass if you have the skills, experience and tools for the job. Another option is to purchase a pre-cut glass sheet for your project.

If you are looking to have your glass sheets cut by a professional, be sure to purchase your next sheets in-store or online from Lowe’s.

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