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Should You Tip Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Should You Tip Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Tipping is a part of American culture, and it is not going away soon. When you order a drink at the bar, you can calculate the bartender’s tip by doubling the tax. This practice also applies to bellhops, tattoo artists, and more.

We know that tipping is a real and effective way to show our thanks to people who do important services, but what about delivery drivers?

We know to tip our UberEATS and DoorDash drivers, but what about our furniture delivery drivers? 

You do not have to tip a Lowe’s delivery driver, but you can if you want to. However, many stores or managers may not allow them to accept tips, so try to do it on the sly if possible.

Here’s everything else you need to know about tipping delivery drivers.

Should You Tip Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Delivering heavy material in the sweltering heat is exhausting. As you watch the delivery drivers unload your order from the back of the truck, you may want to show them a little extra gratitude for what they’re doing.

So should you tip the Lowe’s delivery driver? You can see how hard they are working, and it would be nice to give each driver a few dollars.

Actually, drivers may not accept tips. The Lowe’s managers make the drivers and other employees sign an agreement stating that they will not request tips and they cannot accept tips.

So if you offer a tip to the Lowe’s driver, they will not accept it.

How to Secretly Give a Tip to an Employee

Corporations do not want their employees to request or accept tips. We understand that Lowe’s does not want drivers to request tips, but it is unfair that drivers cannot accept the tips that customers want to freely provide.

It is customary to tip the barista, bellhop, or fast food worker, but why not the driver? We tip our Lyft drivers and Uber drivers!

So if you want to be a rebel and give your Lowe’s delivery driver a tip, here are a few ways to be sneaky.

Put the tip in an empty coffee cup: if you have an empty coffee cup in your house or car, wipe the cup clean and place the tip in the cup. You don’t have to put on the lid if you don’t have it. By placing the tip in the cup, the driver will take the cup back to their locker and put the tip in their wallet with no one knowing.

Offer them a tip when the manager is not around: One of the biggest reasons employees don’t accept tips when they want to is the manager is watching them.

Before offering the driver a tip, look around and see if there is a person with the word manager on their nametag. Only offer them a tip when the manager leaves or is not looking.

Give them a gift card: we all have gift cards floating around our house. Sometimes I will open a drawer in the kitchen or bathroom and find a gift card I didn’t know existed.

But when you give the delivery driver a gift card instead of money, it might be acceptable because it is not cash.

How Else Can You Help The Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Remember that you are not obligated to provide any of these amenities or accommodations. But everyone likes to be appreciated in their job.

How Else Can You Help The Lowe’s Delivery Drivers?

Most Lowe’s locations do not offer their employees free food or drink. So delivery drivers, and actually most other employees that work hard, will appreciate any small gesture. Some things you can give them to show your appreciation also include:

Crackers or Chips

Who doesn’t love biting into a Ritz cracker topped with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning? If you can’t whip up a snack, any delivery driver will enjoy chowing down on a bag or two of Doritos.

The Lowe’s driver can indulge in a small snack while they drive back to the hardware store.

Sodas or Water

Lifting heavy furniture and materials can be exhausting and dehydrating. Lowe’s drivers do not receive free drinks at the hardware store, so they have to bring drinks from home.

Offer the drivers a drink, especially if the weather is hot. They will appreciate it.

Conclusion to Tipping Lowe’s Employees

Those employees may not accept tips, and managers force them to sign a contract saying they will request or accept tips. But if you are sneaky and quick, there are some ways you can give your driver a tip.

Wait until the manager is not around to offer them the tip. Put the tip in an empty coffee cup. Also, delivery drivers appreciate snacks and drinks.

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