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Why Do Kitchens Have Two Sinks?

Why Do Kitchens Have Two Sinks?

Have you ever looked at a kitchen and saw two sinks? If you have and it made you wonder why this is common, this is the article for you.

Kitchens typically have two sinks so more than one person can work in the kitchen at one time, or to maximize the efficiency of one person in the kitchen. This makes it easier for multiple tasks to be performed without people, food, and dishes from getting in the way.

In addition to maximizing kitchen efficiency, there are additional reasons why you should consider installing multiple sinks in your kitchen.

Reasons for Having Two Sinks in a Kitchen

There are several reasons why having two sinks in a kitchen is a good idea. Separating dirty dishes, more prep space, and space for multiple chefs are a few of them.

Let’s look at each of these reasons separately!

Less cross contamination between Dishes 

Adding space to a kitchen for a second sink allows you to keep the space where food is prepared farther away from where the dirty dishes are. This makes it a more hygienic environment for food and ensures that soap will not be splashed onto fresh fruit or vegetables. 

It can be unsightly to see a pile of dishes in the sink right next to a preparation area for meat, vegetables, or fruit, and this stems from the fact that there can be cross-contamination.

Just as raw meats are kept away from the fresh or already cooked food items, you want to keep dirty items away from clean ones. Cross contamination could cause your guests or family to become sick and no one wants that!

So, having a second sink will enable you to have a cleaner area for washing your foods, and also give enough room in another area for cleaning the dishes you are using to prepare the food as well. 

Separates People in the Kitchen 

Too many chefs in the kitchen?

Not when you have two sinks!

When you are making a large meal, you might have multiple people in the kitchen at the same time. This can make moving around much more difficult for those prepping the meal.

When you have two sinks, one sink can be used as a prep area. It typically is positioned next to a counter area for additional preparations. This layout can help separate everyone so you dont fel like you are constantly bumping into each other.

As a mother of two boys. The second sink also ends up being the handwashing station!

Separate Uses 

Having two sinks for when you need two people doing the same job can make the cleanup and preparation time go faster, but this is only one way to use this space. You can also use each sink for a different purpose to keep them separate.

Having one sink made for doing dishes means that you keep the cleaning supplies, like gloves and dish soap on that area of the counter. The other sink could be allocated for washing hands once you are done cooking so that you can sit down and eat after.

This sink can have a bottle of hand soap, lotion, and a hand towel nearby so that everyone can see what it is used for. This helps keep the two sinks separate for different reasons and ensures that your family and your guests will use them as you want them to. 

Aesthetic Purposes 

Although there are quite a few good reasons why you would want to have two sinks, you could always choose to have them because of the look that they bring. Having an open kitchen allows a feeling of space in the area that allows people to congregate. 

If you have a large space with two sinks, you might feel that it makes the room look bigger, which just might be what you are looking for. If so, then you could feel like having two sinks for the fact that you like the way it looks. 

When to have Double Kitchen Sinks?

The purpose of having a double sink is usually to make the kitchen easier to move around in when more than one or more people are cooking at the same time. This is the main reason why kitchens are designed with two sinks rather than one. 

However, this is only done in larger kitchens that have the space for another sink without taking away too much counter space. So, it is not seen in smaller homes or apartments as often as larger homes with more square footage. 

If you have the option of adding more counter space or second prep sink, you will have to consider the layout of your home.

Ample counter space is more valuable than a second sink if you are short on space. You shouldn’t try to cram in a second sink just to say you have one.

Which is Better Single or Double Kitchen Sink? 

Having one sink in your home is needed, but having two sinks can be very helpful for those who cook more. This allows you to have more space for cleaning and preparing and helps you keep the two actions separate for better cleanliness overall. 

However, it depends on how much you would use it. If you don’t do much cooking, then having a sink for washing and preparing food won’t end up doing you much good. 

So, in this case, having one sink could be a better fit for your lifestyle and cooking habits.

But, if you want to be able to sell your home to a family that would appreciate and use the second sink, then it could be an investment that will help you get a better offer for the home when you are ready to sell it. 

Are Double Sinks Worth It?

If you don’t have a second sink in your kitchen and have been thinking about getting one installed, then you will want to know the cost and how it could bring up the value of your house.

Well, when it comes to kitchens, most potential buyers like to see a larger space!

This is true no matter how much they believe that they will use the space. So, having a larger kitchen with two sinks might look great to buyers that are taking a tour of the house. 

This could cause you to get more buyers and a higher offer than you would without the second sink. However, the price and value of a home can be difficult to pinpoint. 

Before signing the contract to build in a second sink, you want to ensure that you have enough kitchen space so that it will add value to the home.

For a few ideas on gorgeous farmhouse sinks, make sure to take a look at our article here that has some fantastic (and budget friendly) recommendations.

If you believe that the look of the kitchen is better with the second sink and that it functions well, then this could make a big difference for you. But this doesn’t guarantee that a buyer will see it as the major upgrade that you do, especially if they don’t cook much or if it takes away from needed counter space.

However, generally speaking, upgrades to the kitchen are the easiest way to add value to your home. Having a spacious kitchen with two sinks just might be the thing that makes a buyer put in an offer. 


Having two sinks in a kitchen can be good for many reasons, and if you cook a lot for your family or large gathering, then you will know how valuable it can be to have. But if you don’t see the value that it brings, you might not feel like a second sink is necessary. 

Now that you know why two sinks are sometimes installed into a single kitchen, you can see why some people love to see them in homes and how they make things flow more smoothly when multiple people are cooking and preparing food at once.

Whether or not you love the look of a second sink, it can be a major feature for home buyers, and if you are looking to sell soon, then it could be an upgrade that gets you a better offer. Before deciding to add one to your kitchen, make sure that it makes sense in the size and shape kitchen that you have.

In addition to multiple sinks, you can also enhance the kitchen’s appeal by upgrading its hanging lights. Make sure to take a look at my list of favorite kitchen island lights here.

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