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What Is a Water Breaker?

What Is a Water Breaker?

You may have a garden filled with lovely flowers and delicate plants that you take care of with love. So, you probably don’t want them getting ruined by the immense pressure that comes from your pipes or hose when you go to water them. This is where water breakers come in handy. 

A water breaker has tiny holes lined up on its surface to break the water pressure coming from your pipes. It works so that the pressure of water is evened out by spreading it across a wider area. Water breakers are attachments to any hose that can produce a spray-like effect. 

If you want to learn more about water breakers and their various functions, read on!

What Are Water Breakers Used For? 

A water breaker can be used for a variety of purposes. But out of all of these factors, gardening is the most significant and important.

The water breaker enables the appropriate amount of water to be released when it is used in gardening. This has a significant impact on making sure that plants are watered appropriately.

Even though gardening is where water breakers are commonly utilized, some other applications that require low pressure are showering your pets or spraying cleaning foam while washing your vehicle. 

Why Should You Buy a Water Breaker For Your Garden?

There are multiple reasons why water breakers are beneficial for your garden. These include:

1. Water Volume

The volume of water from a hose with a water breaker makes watering plants quick and easy. Other water nozzles often don’t produce a lot of water.

The limited volume from other nozzles means it takes too long and often makes people get tired of watering. This causes them to mistakenly believe they have done a decent job even if underneath, half of the soil is still dry.

There is a dial on the conventional hose end sprayer that you may turn to select different spray patterns. These work excellently for washing cars and other domestic tasks, but it doesn’t often produce enough flow to adequately water plants. The typical size of this water-entry hole is 1/4″ which is far from sufficient.

 Water volume

A typical Dramm water breaker has a hole that is about 5/8ths of an inch in diameter. In essence, full flow is provided from the hose to the water breaker as it is almost five times bigger than a regular sprayer.

2. Less Hurtful to the Plants

A water breaker’s gentle spray is less impactful or damaging than a regular hose end. In applications that require less pressure, this comes handy, as the water would be delicate on flowers and the soil.

3. Control of Water Flow

Most water breakers feature a shutoff valve making it simple to change the water flow from a trickle to full force with just your thumb.

4. Greater Reach

Most water breakers come attached with a rigid pipe and shutoff valve. This makes it easier to reach areas that are hard to access such as hanging pots and wide beds of flowers.

Best Waters Breakers to Get

There are quite a few water breaker nozzles available in the market all of which can carry out numerous tasks. Some of the best options are:

1. Original Dramm 400

This water breaker is designed and produced in the United States and will give you the most value for your money and stand the test of time because it is made of sturdy metal. Dramm’s Original 400 water breaker nozzle has full, swift flows that despite being powerful and quick, can be relied upon to be kind to your plants.

2. Dramm Plastic Water Breaker

Another excellent water breaker for both watering containers and flower beds is the Dramm Plastic Water Breaker. The purpose of this water-breaking gadget was to benefit greenhouses and nurseries. As a result, it has a thousand tiny pores that enable flowers to receive a complete flow of water.

This gadget is not at all complicated. All you only need is to attach the hose’s end to the nozzle in order to use it. It is built of recyclable plastic and is produced in the United States.

In addition to efficiently watering your yard, it comes with a lifetime warranty making it not only a good value for your money but also a one-time purchase.

3. Two Pack- Orbit Hose Shower

The Two Pack – Orbit Gently Spray Hose Shower, as its name suggests, is a water breaker nozzle that can be relied upon to provide a gentle spray that is just ideal for watering flowers. With a 3/4 inch threading, this water breaker nozzle fits all threaded garden spray rods that adhere to the approved standard.

To use this water breaker, you don’t need to be an expert. This is due to the fact that it is very simple to attach and use. Additionally, this water breaker is cheap, making it lighter for your pocket.

Final Words on What a Water Breaker Is

To sum it up, water breakers are those nozzles that break up water to spray with greater volume. .

A common application for water breakers is in gardening, but they can also be used in other scenarios as well. The most popular water breakers in the market are durable enough to last your lifetime and should be considered when buying one as they'll likely be a one-time investment.
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