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Why Is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

Why Is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

The air fryer is a revolutionary cooking device that has helped many non-cooks and busy people cook delicious food quickly. However, the air fryer is still just an appliance and sometimes appliances break down.

There are four main reasons why air fryers may stop heating up: the basket is not closing properly, something is blocking the heat from the vents, the heating coil is damaged, or food is stacked too high inside the basket.

If the issue with your air fryer is ongoing, check the warranty and see if you can have it serviced by the company or if you can return it. There are also some small appliance repair shops that will fix any product, including air fryers.

What Is Wrong With My Air Fryer?

You have been fantasizing about eating a delicious meal after a long day at work. You fixed up all of your condiments and the main dish and now you put it in the oven.

But instead of enjoying your dinner, your air fryer isn’t cooperating. Even though the power is on and the machine is clearly working, there is no hot air.

Why is there no hot air coming from the air fryer?

1. There’s Something Blocking the Vent

Blocked vents happen often, and it is usually because there is too much food in the fryer basket. When there is too much food in the basket, the air fryer will not turn on and cook the food.

Crumbs and food bit may have flown up into the vent. Remove the air fryer basket, turn the main unit upside down, and put the air vent hose to see if there’s anything launched in the holes. The vents are deep, so use a flashlight.

2. Something Damaged the Plug

The air fryer cord is not delicate, but cooking is a messy process. A rogue pair of scissors or a knife or oil can damage the plug.

When the air fryer plug is damaged, it doesn’t always mean that the plug completely stops conducting electricity from the wall to the device.

Perhaps only a small amount of electricity is conducted through the damaged plug. The small amount of electricity might be enough to turn on the device, but not strong enough to heat the coil.

3. The Air Fryer Basket is Not Correctly Placed into the Slot

Air fryer will not start the cooking process if the air fryer basket is not placed into the spot all the way. If you see that the air fryer basket is jetting out just an inch, then remove the baskets and clear anything in the way.

There could be something that fell in the back of the air fryer slot that’s preventing the basket from going in all the way.

The Air Fryer Basket is not Correctly Placed into the Slot

There could also be some burnt crumbs on the air fryer basket rim and those little crumbs are preventing the basket from sliding all the way into the Air Fryer.

With the rough side of the sponge, scrub the rim of the air fryer basket to remove any small bits of food. Clean the inside of the device around the room that connects to the air fryer basket.

4. The Detachable Cord is Not Plugged Into the Air Fryer

Some air fryer models come with a detachable cord. You can remove the cord from both the wall socket and from the air fryer device.

Removing the cord makes it easier to travel with the air fryer, as you can place the cord into the air fryer basket. But it may be difficult to plug the cord back into the device.

Remove the cord from the device and plug it in again and push it until it goes all the way in. When you put the air fryer into the air fryer basket, the air fryer should light up.

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing Cold Air?

So power is getting to your air fryer, and the mechanism that blows air is working. But the air is cold! There are two reasons an air fryer would blow cold air. The first reason is the mechanism that heats the air is not working.

This mechanism is known as the heating element and it is a metal coil. Metal coils can burn out, become damaged, or wear out.

The second reason your air fryer is blowing is that the vents are blocked. When something is blocking the vents, the hot air cannot blow into the air fryer basket.

The hot air escapes out of the air fryer and the resulting force from the air blows cold air into the air fryer. Check out every vent to find what is blocking the air flow.

How to Clean Your Air Fryer Vents

Cleaning your air fryer vents can be a daunting task. But keeping your air fryer clean is essential to keeping this device fully operational for years. As long as you have the right tools, cleaning the air fryer’s vents is not that hard.

Here’s what you need to clean an air fryer:

  • Flashlight
  • Thin bottle brush

The first thing you should know about creating an air fryer is that you should never use brushes or cloths dripping with liquid. Shake off all excess water. The parts of the air fryer that can be submerged in water are the air fryer basket and air fryer tray.

Unplug the air fryer and then remove the air fryer basket and put it to the side. Scrub the inside of the air fryer slot gently. Then wipe the inside of the air fryer dry.

Place the air fryer in your lap and turn it upside down. Use a flashlight to inspect the inside of the vents. Now turn it right side up. Using a dry bottle brush, place the brush inside each of the vents and scrub gently.

Any small crumbs or pieces that flew into the air vent should fall back down. If you have paper towels, twist the paper towel into a slight point and rub the inside of the vents. This will help remove any oil that the brush cannot remove.

Conclusion to Why Your Air Fryer Isn’t Heating Up

Make sure to always clean your air fryer regularly. If the heating coil inside your air fryer is damaged, don’t throw it away. Send it to our repair shop and have it repaired.

The air fryer is an excellent device that will last for years as long as you take care of it.

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