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Does Nest Thermostat Have A Battery?

Does Nest Thermostat Have A Battery?

The Nest thermostat is constantly working to make the atmosphere around your house more efficient and soothing.

Because of the work it does, it should need energy in some form to run right?

Nest thermostats do not need a battery to run, since they are hooked to the main electrical source in the house. However, in case of power outages, the Nest thermostat also has an internal battery. This battery stays charged when hooked up with the power supply.

So, Nest thermostats do have batteries and in case of power outages, they give around 10 hours of power backup at the maximum depending on the condition of the battery.

What Type Of Battery Does A Nest Thermostat Use?

Nest thermostats use 2 standard 1.5v AAA batteries alongside using power from the electric source.

These batteries, like their life in most appliances, last for around 2 years before they need replacement.

However, the newer models in Nest have a rechargeable battery that helps it keep working when it is not getting enough electricity from the power supply. 

These batteries cannot be replaced by the user, but they have an external USB charging port on the top display part of the thermostat which can be charged separately.

Therefore, which type of batteries a Nest thermostat uses depends on the make and model of the thermostat.

How Can I Check The Battery?

When the batteries get weak, you will automatically get a notification for it on the thermostat function in the Google Home app.

However, you can also check the power level of the battery by opening the settings tab from the quick menu, then going onto Technical Info Power. Find the number that is labeled battery. 

If the number is lower than 3.8v, it means that the battery levels are lower than what is required. If it is 3.8v or higher, the thermostat does not need a battery replacement or recharging.

If you do not get a notification for a low battery on the app and the thermostat is getting off and on the wifi, chances are it is because of a low battery.

If the Nest thermostat has a low battery, it shuts down the wifi and displays to preserve the battery.


How Do I Know If My Thermostat Needs Batteries?

If your Nest thermostat is needing a charge more frequently than before, it means that the thermostat is either not getting electricity from the power supply and the wires or the fuse needs to be checked, or the batteries have grown weak and need to be replaced.

If your Nest thermostat model uses 1.5v AAA batteries, chances are that they will need replacement quicker than the rechargeable batteries.

This is because these batteries drain quicker than the rechargeable ones.

Also, if the Nest thermostat has been sending low battery notifications to your Google Home app and you have missed it somehow, a low battery indicator also appears on the thermostat display.

When the low battery light comes on, you have a month or two at most to replace the batteries before it dies.

If you don’t replace the batteries by then, you will have to manually adjust temperature when Nest thermostat is offline.

What Is The Charging Time For The Nest Thermostat?

Check to see if there is a chargeable battery option, if yes then it needs at least 30 to 60 minutes to charge the battery fully.

However, if the battery is completely drained, it could take almost 120 minutes to fully charge it as well.

Is There a Fully Charged Notification? 

When you insert the USB cable to charge the thermostat on the display top, a light starts blinking indicating that the battery is charging.

When the charging is complete, the light will cease to blink. When the light stops blinking it is an indication that the Nest Thermostat is fully charged and the display top can be hooked to the thermostat device again.

Summing Up Nest Thermostat Batteries

Nest thermostats are one step towards making your home smart. You can control the temperature of the house from your smartphone.

The temperature also adjusts automatically based on the activity around the house and your temperature preferences.

Some Nest thermostat models use 1.5v AAA batteries while others use batteries that are rechargeable.

Even though the battery recharges from the power source it is connected to, if the wiring is damaged or the fuse needs replacement, your battery will demand charging more frequently.

It is an indication that the battery has gotten weak or the wiring or fuse needs fixing or replacement.

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