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Is 30 Minutes On The Elliptical Enough To Get Results?

Is 30 Minutes On The Elliptical Enough To Get Results?

Obsessed with maintaining a healthy fitness routine but have no idea where to start?

Elliptical machines will be your best friend!

The debate between manual workouts and machine workouts has been buzzing for quite some time, yet it still is uncommon to know about the benefits of machines and the drawbacks of working out yourself.

30 minutes on an elliptical is a great way for anyone to start to show results while working out. You can always add more time as you get more experience and stamina as well.

What kind of results will you see though? Read on to learn more.

Manual vs. Machine Workouts

After being torn between the two for years, people have finally started bending more towards machine workouts, particularly elliptical machines.

Of course, burning hundreds of calories with half the effort and time is always preferable. 

The diversity that a single machine offers is also enough to divert your mind off of manual workouts.

A single elliptical machine can have multiple configurations and settings which you can keep switching according to your target areas. 

Think of it this way: would you rather make the effort of going out of the comfort of your home to walk for an hour; or would you burn the same amount of calories within just a few minutes on a machine instead?

Chances are, you’d choose the latter.

This also brings up the question of how much time is required on an elliptical to see visible differences on the weighing scale

You’d be surprised to know that spending a window of just 15-30 minutes on an elliptical machine every day is enough for you to maintain your weight.

A couple of minutes more or less can also help you lose weight by a significant margin, depending on your body.

Buzzing with more questions on the topic? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide that’ll help clear all your confusion.

Elliptical Machine

What Is An Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine is a workout machine that helps you have a perfectly balanced workout. The physical effort is based on aerobics and is designed in a way that it doesn’t harm your heart and lungs.

A regular workout routine on an elliptical can largely contribute to building up your strength and stamina.

When you work out, your organs need to work extra hard to keep up with the stress.

This can eventually lead to long-term physical damage and also cannot be intensified to the desired level. 

Aerobics or cardio is a popular choice amongst the masses but they have the same stressful effects on your organs.

To prevent any mishaps or long-term damage to your heart and lungs, an elliptical workout is always better.

Why Is Only 30 Minutes Enough?

Any duration of workout depends on your body type and your requirements for it. If you need to work out only for maintaining your weight, your duration and intensity might be slightly lower than people who are looking to lose some pounds. 

Regardless, a total duration of 150 minutes per week is recommended to be mandatory in your fitness journey.

You can go as high as 300 minutes, but at least completing those 150 should be a top priority.

If you break it down, you only need to spend an average of 30 minutes every day on an elliptical machine. 

The intensity can be toned down in this case because of the duration and number of days.

If you can’t take out 30 minutes every day, all you need to do is just increase the intensity of your workout. 

Once your intensity is increased, you can take up the leverage of reducing the number of days and working out for as low as 20 minutes each day.

This option is particularly viable for people with tough routines; and also proves to be more efficient in most cases, because you’re taking some days off but you’re also burning more.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Elliptical Machine For 30 Minutes?

If you still feel hesitant to jump onto an elliptical, here are some benefits that might motivate you:

1. More Calories, Less Time

Like any machine invented, elliptical machines are also meant to cut down on your time spent working out while still getting the same results.

Working out doesn’t just end with doing a couple of exercises; it involves an appropriate space, pre, and post-showers, traveling to the gym, etc., so if your workout takes up almost an hour with just a few calories burnt, it doesn’t do anybody any good. 

Squeezing that entire routine with your everyday schedule can be a tedious job, making elliptical machines an obvious choice.

You can have similar or better results, without investing in hours upon hours. A 30-minute workout can burn up to 400 calories, subject to your weight.

2. Doesn’t Burden Your Joints

Cardio or aerobic workouts have the tendency of stressing out your knees, ankles, or hips because you have to work out whilst also bearing all your weight.

Elliptical machines, however, keep your feet grounded at most times, ensuring less damage to joints. 

Even running and jogging can pose significant harm to your joints, making it far better to exercise on the elliptical.

3. Focuses On Multiple Areas

It doesn’t matter if your target area is the upper body on day one and the lower body on day 2.

Elliptical machines come with systems that allow you to work on both, either individually or simultaneously. 

With manual workouts, you have to have a separate activity for each area which is not only time-consuming but also shows results after quite some time.

With an elliptical, you don’t have to worry about targeting multiple areas at the same time.

4. Contributes To Strengthening Balance

Once you’re done with the initial stages and have your stamina aligned, you can detach the handles of an elliptical machine and focus on strengthening your core and leg muscles.

This will not only help in improving your balance but will also correct posture and walking style.

5. Easy To Navigate

An elliptical machine is as easy to understand as watching television. The machinery comes with all sorts of manual handbooks that you can refer to any time you’re stuck with the configurations.

You might even want to consider hiring a trainer initially but once you’re into it for a while, you’ll be able to navigate your way easily.

Elliptical Machine

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Elliptical Machines?

Nothing in this world is fool-proof, and neither are elliptical machines. The perks and benefits aside, you might want to pay heed to these factors as well:

A Different Sense Of Motion

If you’ve never tried an elliptical machine, getting the hang of motion dynamics can take quite a while.

It focuses on leg muscles very differently as opposed to normal walking, jogging, or running. If you don’t adapt to it soon and continue to use the machine, you might end up causing an injury to yourself.

Bone Strength

Weightlifting makes a significant impact on your bone density, making them stronger and less susceptible to damage.

However, that is not the case with elliptical machines because of the lesser loads and stress on muscles and joints.

Final Word on Using an Elliptical

If you’re looking for a single solution for all your fitness needs, an elliptical machine will be a very good option.

The most convenient part about it is that you can make it a part of your house and be in charge of your pace and weight goals.

An elliptical machine will also be an optimum choice for people who struggle with joint issues or permanent injuries. 

A fitness regime is an added requirement in these cases but the physical difficulties often lead people to overlook it.

Not with an elliptical though, because this invention can cater to anybody and everybody. With its perks overshadowing its costs, this might be just the next investment for you!

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