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Is Penny Tile Slippery?

Is Penny Tile Slippery?

Penny tiles are all the rage in 2022 in home design. Their retro vibes can go well anywhere in the house, in mudrooms, laundry rooms, staircases, and of course, bathrooms.

Penny tiles come in various colors, and the final look it gives depends on the way it has been contrasted with the rest of the space.

The versatility of the penny tile is what makes it a unique and statement look for any space in the house.Even the simplest of penny tiles, when contrasted with the surroundings like black grout, can create an eye-catching look.

Penny tiles come in many materials. Classic ones are ceramic, but they also come in marble and glass variations.

Penny tiles can be slippery to walk on, even though glass penny tiles look exquisite in almost any space. It’s best to use them with caution in some spaces, especially in the bathroom.

They also crack easily so glass penny tiles are best used for walls or pillars, but not for floor surfaces.

Shower floor

Is Penny Tile Good For Shower Floors?

Penny tiles arranged in a mosaic fashion are a great addition to any bathroom.

Glass penny tiles are not advised for the shower floor because even though they’re heavily glazed, glass penny tiles still have a slippery surface.

However, ceramic penny tiles are the best for floor surfaces, especially those that have to have water splashed over them.

Marble penny tiles are also slippery because of the glossy and smooth surface.

They are non-porous, therefore, these penny tiles are good for the walls, but can be dangerous for the flooring, especially in places like the shower.

If one is using real pennies to arrange and make a shower floor, it can be as slippery as the sealer used for it.

Polyurethane sealers are slip-resistant, however others which are used to give a glossy and smooth finish to the penny tiles should not be used for floors, especially shower floors where the person has to stay while the water is splashing.

So, using an anti-slip sealer for the floor is a great way to make the penny tile less dangerous.

However, sealing the penny tile makes it lose its texture, which is a great look and feel for bathroom floors.

So, ceramic tiles are probably the best choice for flooring and glass and marble penny tiles are great for accentuating the walls.

Is Penny Tile Good For Bathroom Floor?

While penny tiles with black grout are one of the most common bathroom floorings. Ceramic penny tiles give a great look to the bathroom floor and are also slip-resistant.

In fact, the texture of the floor because of the small penny tiles make it anti-slip, if the penny tiles are ceramic.

Also, penny tiles in different tones of gray in the bathroom also make it look spacious and roomy. These tiles also give a clean look to the bathroom.

If you want to go for a color pop in the bathroom, adding colors like cool blue and green with white grout can also accentuate the bathroom like no other kind of tiling.

It gives a unique look since the arrangement and the color combinations of penny tiles set it apart and there is no pre-made design.

They are a great addition in vintage and contemporary bathroom looks alike.

So, whatever your bathroom amenities may be, the right color of penny tiles arranged in a pattern or even simple, can give an appealing look.

However, since penny tiles have little grout lines between each of the small tiles and the bathroom has a high foot traffic, they can be a trouble to maintain and clean.

Cleaners use steam mops to clean penny tiles in high foot traffic areas like the bathroom or the shower floor. However, it is important to work in small sections so the flooring can be thoroughly cleaned.

If you do not have the time to clean the flooring, it is advised that you install the penny tiles on the bathroom walls rather than the floor so the dirt and residue on the floor does not become tough before you have time to clean it thoroughly again.

Is Penny Tile Good For The Laundry Room?

Penny tiles are also a great addition to laundry rooms. Since laundry rooms mostly seem stuffy and cluttered, the addition of a penny tile as the flooring can help the room look larger and brighter.

If you choose the color of the penny tiles in contrast with the color of the laundry machines, it will give an eye-catching look to the area.

You can also have the penny tiles spell out words or playful phrases across the floor or on the wall, which will give a bespoke look to the space.

Penny Tiles

Summing Up If Penny Tile is Slippery

Penny tiles are a great addition anywhere because of their versatility.

The color of the tiles and the color of the grout along with the pattern these tiles are arranged give a unique and exquisite look to any room.

Bathrooms are the most common places for penny tiles as they give a spacious and clean look to the space.

However, for the flooring, glass, marble, and actual penny tiles are not recommended since they have a slip and trip hazard.

Ceramic penny tiles on the bathroom floor, the shower floor, and the laundry room floor are great and also give a texture to the floor.

However, penny tiles in high foot traffic areas can be difficult to maintain as the tiny spaces of grout accumulate dirt and debris.

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