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10 Ways To Stop A Bed From Sliding!

10 Ways To Stop A Bed From Sliding!

There is nothing more annoying than a bed that slides whenever I get in, get out or change positions. It is especially annoying when I am trying to get a good night’s sleep, and you may find yourself dealing with this problem as well.

Luckily, I have found several ways to resolve this problem without purchasing a new bed!

Why A Bed Might Slide

In my case, the primary reason that my bed is sliding is the smooth wooden floor that it sits on. If you’ve got carpet, or another rougher textured floor, this may not be as big of a problem for you.

Just simply getting in and out of bed every day is enough to cause my bed to slowly scoot around the room!

Reasons To Avoid A Sliding Bed

There are several reasons I want to keep my bed from sliding on the floor, and the first reason is that it disrupts my relaxation and sleep!

Secondly, I do not want the feet of the bed to scratch or cause other damage to my beautiful hardwood floor. In addition, I also want to prevent damaging the feet of my bed.

Of course, I am also aware that a sliding bed can be dangerous for certain people, including the elderly and young children. I would hate for one of my children to get hurt because my bed slid as they were climbing on it!

stop a bed from sliding

10 Ways To Stop A Bed From Sliding

You are most likely reading this because your bed has been sliding and disrupting your sleep. I understand your frustration as I have recently dealt with a sliding bed myself.

In an effort to help others find a solution, I want to share 10 ways to stop a bed from sliding.

1. Area Rug

One of the easiest options is to invest in an area rug to place under the bed. It should be larger than the bed to ensure all four feet are evenly positioned on the rug.

The rug provides a grip under the feet to keep the bed from sliding on the floor.

Area rugs come in a variety of styles and designs, so I can easily choose an area rug that fits my bedroom interior. In addition, it also provides a warm, comfortable surface under my feet.

2. Bed Position

While researching solutions to a constantly sliding bed, I have found that some people have to reconsider the position of their bed. It is likely to slide in the center of the room without any physical barriers surrounding it.

However, moving the bed to the corner of the room may reduce the sliding!

Now, this solution only works if you are the only one using this bed because you can easily get in and out of the bed from one side. Therefore, this was not the right solution for my sliding bed.

It is also important to keep in mind that this solution may not completely solve the problem. I would still deal with a little sliding on the sides that are not against the wall. However, I feel it can be used as a temporary solution until you stop the sliding altogether.

3. Secured Headboard

Another option to keep a bed from sliding is to secure the headboard to the wall. This is a permanent solution to sliding because the bed is mounted in place.

I recommend only considering this solution if you are experienced in DIY home projects or construction in general.

Before jumping into this project, I would make sure to inspect the wall to ensure it is sturdy and secure enough for a headboard.

4. Bed Risers

I decided to start researching different products that can stop my bed from sliding. I have added bed risers to my list of possible solutions for a sliding bed.

Bed risers can act as grips to stop a bed from sliding, and I can even take it up a notch by purchasing non-slip bed risers.

Bed risers also create more storage space because I can fit more items under my bed, from a shoe organizer to a flat storage bin.

As someone who always needs ample storage space, I feel this is a great solution all around.

5. Remove The Legs

Another option is to remove the legs from the bed altogether. I think it is a good option for anyone who does not mind a bed that is closer to the floor.

The bed does not slide whenever a person shifts position, and some people may find it easier to get in and out of bed because it is closer to the floor.

In addition, the legs can be removed from a child’s bed that is constantly sliding on the floor. A lower bed actually creates a Montessori-style bedroom that revolves around a child.

On a personal note, I am thinking of skipping that task and investing in a Montessori bed for my child’s bedroom.

6. Carpet Flooring

For those who are looking to upgrade the flooring in their bedroom, now is a good time to upgrade to carpet flooring. It is difficult for a piece of furniture to slide across a carpet, and this includes a bed.

I also have the option to install the carpet myself or hire a professional carpet company for the job.

Just like area rugs, carpets come in a range of colors to fit most bedroom interiors. A carpet also adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the bedroom.

Other Solutions: Furniture Stoppers

I have found solutions ranging from repositioning the bed to installing a carpet, but what I was really looking for was a simple, inexpensive way to stop my bed from sliding.

Finally, I came across different types of furniture stoppers offered at reasonable prices!

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners | 4x2 Inch Strips 4 Sets | Holds 10 lbs | Stick-On Adhesive Backed | Black Industrial Strength | For Indoor or Outdoor Use, 90209

7. Velcro Pads

Velcro pads are popular because they are easy to use on various pieces of furniture. All I need to do is attach the Velcro surface of each pad to the feet of my bed. The adhesive surface should be underside to attach my bed to the floor.

Another benefit of Velcro pads is the flat shape to ensure my bed is more even to the floor. One issue is the stain that may be left on my floor from the adhesive surface, which I am going to have to try to remove later.

However, Velcro pads are still an easy, affordable way to keep my bed from sliding.

CasterMaster 3X3 Square Rubber Furniture Caster Cups with Anti-Sliding Floor Grip (Set of 4) Brown

8. Rubber Feet

Rubber feet can be a temporary or permanent solution to my sliding bed. The solution is going to vary per person and their needs.

I was looking for a temporary solution because I may rearrange my bedroom furniture later, so I wanted to use the adhesive option on the rubber feet. According to the directions, all I need to do is attach the adhesive pieces to the feet of my bed.

The pieces should also attach the feet to the floor to stop my bed from sliding.

If you would rather choose a permanent solution, most rubber feet come with screws to attach the feet of the bed to the floor. It is going to take more work and skill to screw and unscrew the rubber feet as needed.

I think it is a great option for a permanent solution, but rubber feet with screws are not the solution for me right now.

Non Slip Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR - 8 PCS 4' - Premium Furniture Grippers! Rubber Feet Hardwood Floor Protectors for Furniture Legs - Couch Stoppers - Keep Your Furniture in Place Forever!

9. Rubber Floor Pads

While searching through other products, I found a solution that does not require adhesives or screws. The solution is rubber floor pads to stop furniture from sliding across the floor.

All I need to do is place the rubber floor pads under the feet of the bed!

Now, rubber floor pads are more visible than Velcro pads and rubber feet. However, I do not have to worry about an adhesive surface leaving any marks on my floor.

I also do not have to worry about mounting any part of my bed to the floor or wall, so I feel this is a great solution for my bed.

10. Caster Cups

It is easier for a bed to slide across the floor if it has wheels, such as my rollaway beds. In fact, the wheels can even roll over area rugs and furniture pads. This can be inconvenient or dangerous for my overnight guests, and I do entertain guests often around the holidays.

Of course, the constant rolling can also leave scratches, dents or other marks on my hardwood floor. I would rather have visible rubber floor pads than scratches and dents.

I have recently invested in caster cups for the wheels of my rollaway beds. They are designed to lock the wheels in place to keep the rollaway beds from rolling. Caster cups are easy to use and do not leave any marks on my floor.

Furniture Stoppers Work On Many Pieces

I want to remind you that these products can be used on more than just a bed. Most products are designed to stop tables, chairs, and sofas from sliding across the floor.

One person may need to invest in Velcro or rubber pads for their sofa and recliner, and I have placed rubber feet on the legs of my dining table and chairs.

Stop A Bed From Sliding

A bed that constantly slides becomes an annoyance after a while because it keeps me from relaxing and falling asleep. It can also create a safety hazard for me and my loved ones. In addition, the constant moving or rolling can cause damage to my hardwood floor.

I have found several solutions that work for my sliding bed, such as rubber floor plans and wheel casters. For my child’s bed, I have removed the legs to keep their bed from sliding. If you keep the ideas I have shared in mind, you can also find a solution for a sliding bed that works for you.

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