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What Size TV Should I Get For My Kitchen?

What Size TV Should I Get For My Kitchen?

A TV makes for a great addition to your kitchen, but you need to be sure to get the right size for an optimal viewing experience that suits your home.

Many people struggle to find the right-sized TV, because they assume larger is better.

But this can create clutter in the kitchen and cause you to use the TV less because it is an uncomfortable experience.

You should get a 32-inch or 40-inch TV for your kitchen, depending on where you plan to watch from and how big your kitchen is. This will ensure that the TV isn’t too large for the space you have, but will still allow you to enjoy watching programs while you’re cooking or eating.

You can calculate the square footage of the kitchen and measure the distance you plan to watch. You can divide the distance by 2 or 2.5 to find the right TV size. 

Buying a TV is always a tough decision because there are so many different sizes and types of TVs that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

The key is to know the layout of your kitchen well. In this guide, we will explore the different options and help you make an informed decision about what size TV to buy for your kitchen.

In addition to the size of your kitchen, consider where you plan on placing your TV. All of these factors matter to find the correct size that will optimize the way you watch TV in the kitchen alone or with friends and family. 

Tv in the kitchen

What Size TV Should I Get For My Kitchen?

Size matters when it comes to choosing a TV that is right for your kitchen. The size of the screen is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a TV. 

TVs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20 inches to 65 inches or more. The size you choose depends on your needs and budget.

You should also consider the space where you plan to place it because some TV models can be quite large and bulky.

Kitchens should not be treated the same as a living area or bedroom. 

The 32-inch TV is best suited for small rooms with hard walls as it provides a good viewing experience from all angles. Any bigger will likely present a problem for most kitchen styles. 

But it is best to measure the room first before deciding. This can be done by taking the square footage of your kitchen as a first step. 

24-Inch TV

The 24-inch TV is an option for smaller kitchens or less engaged viewers. It is best to put the news on in the background or listen to music while cooking.

However, it will likely be too small for any serious viewing unless it is placed extremely close to the seating area. 

32-Inch TV

The 32-inch TV is the standard kitchen TV size in most homes. It provides enough size for viewing but it is not bulky to take up too much space.

It can accommodate most kitchen sizes too. However, you should take measurements first before deciding on this TV size. 

40-inch TV

For more interested viewers and those with enough space, the 40-inch TV is the ideal size for your kitchen. In many cases, it can be too big but if you have the space to spare you won’t regret it. 

48-inch TV

We rarely recommend going this big with a TV in your kitchen. It occupies too much wall or table space and your kitchen TV usage is lowest, meaning you are putting it to waste. 

In massive kitchens, it may be necessary though. The correct size ultimately comes down to viewing distance. 

How Do You Determine What Size TV To Buy For Kitchen

People often make the mistake of buying a TV that is too big for their kitchen.

The best way to determine what size TV to buy is to measure the distance from the front of your television stand to the wall.

It is important to consider the size of the TV in terms of how you want to use it. This helps you to avoid buying a TV that will not be too small and provide a bad viewing experience.

In the kitchen, a TV that is too big could also present a problem and occupy needed space. You will need to take measurements and analyze the different options to find the right size. 

You should measure the area where the TV will be mounted or stood. Seeing how much space you have available can typically tell you which TV size will fit.

Next, you should measure the viewing area. In a kitchen, this may seem unorthodox but is important. 

For example, if your sitting area is 7 feet away from where the TV goes, some calculations will need to be made. This would be 84 inches which can be converted into a simple formula. 

It is recommended to divide your viewing distance by 2.5 to find the right TV size. If you divide 84 by 2.5, you would get roughly 34 inches. 

This would be your recommended TV size. But because the kitchen is a less traditional experience, we don’t mind sizing up a bit and you could even divide by 2.0 instead to get 42 inches. 

Smart tv

Should You Get A Smart TV For Your Kitchen?

The size of your TV and the type of TV you buy depends on what type of content you want to watch, as well as how much space is available in your kitchen or living room.

For example, if you plan on watching sports or playing video games, then a larger screen will provide a better experience than a smaller screen would. 

But if you only need something for the occasional news broadcast, a smaller TV could work. 

Once you know the best TV size, you need to determine whether you should get a smart TV for the kitchen. 

A smart TV offers numerous benefits like more streaming options and you can add apps like YouTube to watch videos or listen to music while you cook.

It is not necessary to get a smart TV, but it will make your viewing experience more enjoyable. It is also easier to host a crowd this way with a more advanced TV. 

Summing Up Kitchen TV Sizes

Knowing what size TV to get for your kitchen is important to make sure that your TV doesn’t overwhelm the space. There are a few ways you can calculate the best size TV for your space, but we recommend getting a TV between 32 and 40 inches for your kitchen.

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