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Will Home Depot Cut Drywall?

Will Home Depot Cut Drywall?

Wondering if Home Depot can cut drywall for you? Explore their in-store services and whether they cater to this specific need. Let’s break down the facts!

Home Depot no longer offers a drywall cutting service. They stopped this service a few years ago due to safety concerns and store policies.

There are other hardware stores that do have a drywall cutting service. Home Depot also sells tools that cut drywall.

If you buy your drywall at Home Depot, you may have to get creative when transporting the drywall, as it cannot be cut in the store.

Will Home Depot Cut Drywall?

Cutting drywall can be a nuisance. After a long day of working on a construction project, the last thing you want to do is measure out drywall and use your tired muscles to cut it piece by piece.

It would be much easier if the place where you purchased the drywall, Home Depot, could cut it for you as well.

Cut drywall would also be much easier to transport. It may even fit in your car!

If it does fit in your car, then you won’t have to borrow a friend’s truck to transport it back to the construction site.

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut drywall. They ended their drywall cutting service a few years ago.

Cutting Drywalls

Which Hardware Stores Cut Drywall?

Home Depot’s biggest competitor, Lowe’s, can cut drywall. They offer a free drywall cutting service, as long as the drywall is purchased from the Lowe’s store.

You won’t be able to take your Home Depot drywall and cut it at Lowe’s.

If you do not have a Lowe’s in your area, then call around to some other hardware stores and ask if they have a drywall cutting service.

Some may not have it, some may have it for a fee, and some may have it for free.

What Tools Are Needed to Cut Drywall?

Okay, so your local Home Depot does not offer drywall cutting service and you don’t live by any other big-box stores that sells and cuts drywall.

It looks like you’re going to have to do it yourself. While you are at the Home Depot, you need to purchase drywall cutting tools.

Here’s a list of tools you will need to cut drywall:

  • A measuring tool like a yard-long stick: If they’re available, purchase a measuring stick that sounds with a 90-degree angle ruler on the bottom.
  • A drywall saw (or compass saw): A drywall saw has jagged edges that make it easy to cut through drywall. However, the end result of using a drywall saw will often look jagged and shredded.
  • A multi-tool or a leveler: Always be sure that the cuts you’re about to make into the drywall are correct. By using a multi-tool or a leveler, you can adjust the balance of the drywall and ensure that it is getting cut the right way.
  • A utility knife: Use the utility knife to mark the section of drywall that needs to be cut.
  • A power saw: Any type of power saw can quickly cut through drywall in a moment. But using a power saw may be a bit overkill. Don’t purchase a saw just to cut drywall. But you can use it if you already have one.

In addition to these tools, make sure to have utility gloves, goggles, and a first-aid kit just in case.

You do not need to use power tools to cut drywall, so any injury you accidentally get should be small.

But if you do decide to use a power saw or any other power tool, wear additional protective gear.

Does Home Depot Rent Tools That Cut Drywall?

Home Depot rents out power tools to their customers. But they do not rent out small handheld compass saws or utility knives.

They also do not rent multi-tools. But if you’re using a spiral saw or a power saw to cut into your drywall, then Home Depot does have it available to rent.

In order to rent tools from Home Depot, the customer will need to provide their ID, credit card, and agree to the terms and conditions that Home Depot has set up in the rental department.

If their tools are damaged in any way, be prepared to pay the cost.

However, Home Depot does also sell insurance for a very cheap price. So, you can rent the power tool and insure it.

Conclusion to Home Depot Cutting Drywall

Home Depot used to have a drywall cutting service. Customers were able to purchase their drywall at Home Depot and then have it cut for them for free.

But Home Depot no longer has a drywall cutting service. Lowe’s still has their drywall cutting service, but the drywall must be purchased from Lowe’s.

If you plan on cutting the drywall yourself, you’ll need a multi-tool, a ruler, a compass saw, and a razor knife.

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