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Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

Unlike the shared living room, a bedroom is a private space for the members of the family. So, it is plausible that they have locks installed on them.

However, bedroom locks can be potentially hazardous for a house with young children, as they might lock themselves in and might be unable to open the locks from inside.

In this case, you might think about installing a lock that is operable by a key. But again, that means the door cannot be accessed immediately in an emergency situation. So, this begs the question – should bedroom doors have locks?

Bedroom doors should be equipped with locks that allow desired privacy for older children and teens, but are also designed to make quick access possible in the case of an emergency.

You have several options available while installing a lock in bedroom doors without compromising too much privacy. Read on to find out what your options are.

Should Bedroom Doors Have a Lock?

Locks are a great way to maintain the privacy of the bedroom. However, they can be dangerous in some emergency situations as well. Let’s get onto the pros and cons of installing a keyed lock in the bedrooms.

Pros of a Keyed Lock for the Bedroom

  • A keyed lock means that your teen or older child can enjoy the privacy of their bedroom.
  • The lock can provide safety in event of a robbery.
  • If going out of town, a locked door means you can prevent potential thieves from entering into your bedroom.

Cons of a Keyed Lock for the Bedroom

  • If you lose the key, you will need to break down the door in case of an emergency.
  • Locks can get jammed if they have a faulty handle. In this case, you will need to call on a locksmith to open the door.
  • In case of fire, locks can possibly melt because of the heat, trapping anyone inside or restricting access to safety.

Bedroom locks

Types of Bedroom Door Locks

If you want to install a door lock in the bedroom, you have a lot of options available.

Based on the security these locks provide and the disadvantages of certain keyed locks, you can choose the lock that meets your intended purpose.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks have been around for a while, but have recently made their way into residential spaces. They can be mechanical or battery-operated.

The versatility of a keypad lock is more than a regular knob lock because it can be opened easily without a key, but might also have a key-based unlocking option in case the battery dies or you forget the combination.

Knob Locks

The most common types of locks installed in bedroom doors are knob locks. They provide the privacy desired without having to lock the door, thus also providing access.

These locks can also be broken into by simple tools like wrenches and hammers, which is why it can be installed in bedroom doors and can be broken open in case of emergencies.


If you want to lock your bedroom door while you are out of town, using a padlock might be a great option, especially if you don’t want to permanently install locks in the bedroom.

Can You Put a Lock on Your Bedroom Door?

You can put a lock on your bedroom door if you want to assure the privacy of the bedroom. However, make sure you keep the keys in a secure place and have copies inside and outside the bedroom so it can be accessed in case of emergencies.

A smart lock or a keypad lock is also a modern solution to locking the door and has many uses.

How to Secure a Bedroom Without a Lock

If you don’t want to put locks on the bedroom door, you can secure the room with a chained lock. This means that if the door is chained from the inside, you can still open the door a little. Also, in case of an emergency, the chained lock can be easily broken off.

Should Interior Doors Have Locks?

Interior doors should not have electronic door locks because they need to have easy and quick access in the case of an emergency.

Interior doors can have knob locks, keypad locks, padlocks, or chained latches which are both secure and can be easily accessed in case of emergencies.

For fire hazards, make sure you have fire alarms installed so you can respond immediately and avoid any issues arising from locked doors in such an emergency.

Summing Up if Bedrooms Should Have Locks

Should bedroom doors have locks? If you have children in the house, it is recommended that you don’t install locks on doors, especially those that can be easily locked.

However, if you have older children and teens, they most likely want some kind of privacy. In this case, you can install locks that can be easily accessed from outside or broken open in case of emergencies.

Having a knob lock that can be opened with a key is the best option if you have such an emergency.

Lastly, if you have a shared house or apartment, a keypad lock is probably the safest, as it can be locked when you are leaving the bedroom and can keep away other people who may be trying to access the bedroom.

In any case, whether or not you install a bedroom lock depends on your living condition, safety concerns, and the kind of privacy required.

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