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What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

Are you planning to replace your bedroom door to enhance the aesthetics? You may want to know what is the standard bedroom door size before buying a new one.

If it’s been a while since you upgraded your living space, you may already be thinking about cost-effective and budget-friendly ways you can make your home look better.

Everyone wants to enjoy a modern living space, but not everyone can afford full-scale home remodels and upgrades. So, most people start with their bedrooms.

If you’re one of those people and want a new look at the least possible price, you should consider replacing your bedroom doors.

There is no one standard width for bedroom doors, but the height is usually 80 inches. The width of bedroom doors can be anywhere from 24 inches, 28 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches wide.

The width of bedroom doors can vary, depending on the architectural design of your home or your personal choice. 

You may not realize how significant an effect your bedroom door has on the aesthetics and feel of your bedroom until you replace it.

Not only a new bedroom door can give your bedroom an all-new, cozier look, but it also makes your room design look more cohesive and attractive.

The biggest challenge when you do decide to replace your bedroom door is finding a door that’s just the right size.

Now, the reason why it’s so difficult to find the right size of the door is the fact that there are no standard sizes when it comes to bedroom doors.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to find a bedroom door that fits the doorframe just right. We can help you find the right-sized door for your bedroom.

Standard Bedroom Door Size

When we say there are no standard bedroom door sizes, we don’t mean that you’ll find differently sized doors in every home.

There are standard sizes, but these standard sizes also vary depending on various factors.

The door for the bedroom’s entry has a standard size. All homes will have a bedroom door of this size.

However, if someone at home has mobility problems and uses a wheelchair or mobility assistance equipment, the bedroom door size will be bigger.

The size of a closet door inside the bedroom will also be different. This is the reason why there is no one standard bedroom door size.

Standard Height

The standard height of a bedroom door is 80 inches.

The closet doors inside your bedroom are usually 78 inches in height.

Standard Width

The standard width of a bedroom door is 32 inches. However, the width can vary depending on where the door opens.

If the door you’re referring to is the one for your room’s entrance, it has got to be at least 32 inches wide.

However, if the door you’re referring to is a closet door, the width can vary between 24, 28, and 30 inches.

Your bedroom entryway door can also be wider than 32 inches if it needs to be, in order to accommodate wheelchairs and other equipment. In this case, you can have a bedroom door that’s at least 36 inches wide.

Standard Thickness

The standard thickness of the bedroom door is 1 3/8 inches. You’ll also find bedroom doors that are 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches thick.

Measuring bedroom

How to Measure Your Bedroom Door Size

If you’re planning to replace your bedroom door, you’ll have to measure it first.

Since there is no one standard size, you’ve got to be sure which size your builder has followed so you can shop for the same size.

Measuring a bedroom door isn’t as simple as you might think it is. Since you can’t afford to make any mistakes, you’ve got to do it correctly.

There are two types of doors at home improvement stores: pre-hung doors and slab doors.

Pre-hung doors come with a frame, which means you’ll just have to fix it in the rough-in entryway.

Slab doors only include the door, and you’ll have to purchase the frame separately.

Slab doors are a better choice if you’re planning to use the frame that’s already in place.

Measuring Pre-Hung Doors

  • Measure the width from the inside of the frame on the side to the inside of the frame on the other side.

    These will be the sides where the door will fit in when the door is closed.

    This would be the width of the pre-hung door that you must look for in a new door.
  • Measure the height of the door from the inside of the frame on the top (where the door will fit when it’s closed) to the floor.

    Subtract ¾ inches from the value you get, and this will be the height you’ll need your new door to be.
  • Measure the thickness of the door and look for a pre-hung door that’s the same thickness.

Measuring a Slab Door

Measuring a slab door is easier. You just have to measure the height, width, and thickness of the door itself and not the frame.

Simply go to the home improvement store with the measurements and see what options you’ve got in that size.

Summing Up Bedroom Door Sizes

There is not one size fits all for bedroom door sizes, especially if you’re counting the closet door as well. For most bedroom doors, however, the height of the door is around 80 inches. The width is where it varies, with it being anywhere from 24 to 36 inches wide.

Make sure you measure very carefully before purchasing a new bedroom door for your space, and to consult a professional if you don’t know what kind of door to purchase.

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